Don't-Miss Tech event Stories

Republican National Convention: High-tech Meets Republican Leadership

Coordinated under an effort called "Innovation Nation," the high-tech industry's trade associations, along with companies such as Microsoft and Facebook, organized a reception for the House Republican Whip team.

Lexmark Exits the Inkjet Market: Are Printers Doomed?

When a major maker of inkjet printers says it's going to stop selling them, what does this mean for the future of the category, and for you?

Windows 8: Hate It Already? Why Waiting for Windows 9 Won't Help

We take a speculative look at the future of Microsoft's operating system.


Mobile Payment System Isis Looks Set for September Debut

The Isis service for paying for goods and services via smartphone initially will be available in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Austin, Texas.


TechHive: What's New in Firefox 15 for Desktops and Android

Between the memory improvements in desktop Firefox and the overhauled Android app, Mozilla seems to be getting its groove back.

Facebook, CNN Team Up to Crunch Real-Time Election Buzz on Social Networks

CNN's Election Insights to show 'as-it's-happening' info on social-media discussions on presidential candidates.


Extreme Tech: 22 Devices That Go All Out

Check out these 22 devices that push the limits of technology in almost every way.


Microsoft Patents an Advanced Multi-Touch Stylus

Microsoft’s next-generation digital pen, or “ePen” patent includes not just touch sensors but also a gyroscope, compass, accelerometers, and other sensors.

Twitter Appeals Court Ruling to Turn Over User Information

Twitter appeals a New York judge's June decision requiring the company to turn over detailed information about a user tied to the Occupy Wall Street protests.

The Long Road to iPhone 5

Analysis: In the five years since the first iPhone shipped, Apple has changed our habits and expectations. What has it done for us lately?

Samsung Teases Windows 8 Tablet Hybrid Launch at IFA 2012

Another promotion for Samsung's next trade show suggests we'll see the Samsung Series 5 Hybrid, announced last June.

10-Inch Kindle Fire May be Delayed

Amazon's event next week may highlight tablets that are smaller than Apple's iPad.


Samsung Says Game Not Over, Korean Analysts Predict Bounceback

In a blog post Monday, the electronics giant said it had hoped to reach a settlement with Apple.


Samsung Wants Galaxy Tab Ban Lifted in the US After Apple Patent Verdict

Samsung tells a Californian court that Apple should pay it damages because it has been unable to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S.


iPad Mini Rumor Mill Heats Up

If you just can't wait for a smaller Apple tablet to arrive on the scene, the latest rumor suggests you might be waiting longer than tech watchers first thought.