Don't-Miss Tech event Stories

Facebook Reveals Gehry Design for Ambitious New Campus

Facebook commissions world-renowned architect Frank Gehry to design its first custom-built campus.


How Regulation Can Help Bank Technology Outages

The recent system outages in banking systems point to an underlying and growing issue within banks.

How Dell and HP Can Avoid Being Dragged Down by PCs

HP and Dell are falling behind in the PC market where others are thriving, but they can turn it around.

Microsoft's New Logo Draws More Slaps than Claps

The company's refreshed emblem is greeted as more friendly by some, and derided as dull by others.

Verizon Spectrum Deal Approved by FCC With Conditions

UPDATE: The amount of wireless spectrum Verizon, T-Mobile, and other companies hold directly affects the speed, reach and strength of wireless service that can be offered to consumers.

Wi-Fi Alliance Starts Certifying Tunnel Technology for Better Wireless Performance

Tunneled Direct Link Setup can improve performance for applications such as media streaming.

South Korean Court Rules That Both Apple and Samsung Infringed Patents

A court in South Korea ordered temporary injunction on sales of some Apple and Samsung devices, saying both were in violation.

Android Phones Will Power NASA's New Fleet of Mini-Satellites

Hoping to inject new life into low-cost space exploration, NASA's 'PhoneSat' program will launch a series of Google Nexus One–controlled mini-satellites into space later this year.


California Assembly OKs Bill Banning Warrantless Smartphone Tracking

The assembly vote approved legislation to prohibit state law enforcement personnel from obtaining location data from an individual's GPS-enabled mobile devices without a warrant.

T-Mobile Offers $100 Contract-Free Smartphone

T-Mobile introduces a low-cost smartphone aimed at feature phone holdouts.


Tech Bullies Behaving Badly

Tech giants have thrown their weight around to get what they want for years. Here's a look at some of the big tech companies that have been caught indulging in boorish behavior.

TechHive: Updates to iOS, Android Facebook Apps Offer Plenty to Like

IOs version is rewritten from the ground up; Android users get a faster uploading flow for sharing new photos and more.

Wall Street Wonks Over-React to Questions on Zuckerberg's Leadership

Replacing visionary leaders with professional CEOs isn't always a good idea.

Walmart Joins iPhone Price Cut With 'iPhone 5' On Horizon

If you want a well-priced Apple iPhone, now is the time to go deal-hunting at Walmart, Target, Sprint, and other phone sellers. Here's the scoop.


Microsoft Unveils Redesigned Logo

The revamp goes hand-in-hand with Microsoft's gamble on touch-centric Windows 8, the new operating system scheduled to be released in October.