Don't-Miss Tech event Stories

SimCity Returns At Gamescom 2012

We sit down with SimCity producer Jason Haber in Cologne, Germany to chat about what PC gamers can expect from the next SimCity game.

HTC Loses US$40 Million From OnLive Restructuring

OnLive has been forced to restructure after nearly going bankrupt, and has been acquired by an unnamed new owner.

Facebook's IPO Disaster Raises Speculation About Zuckerberg's Future

Talk has turned to whether a seasoned business person could better lead Facebook, while 28-year-old Zuckerberg, with his gray t-shirts and hoodies, could focus on the technology.


Shamoon Malware Cripples Windows PCs to Cover Tracks

Security companies, including Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab and U.S. antivirus vendor Symantec, have not yet figured out what kind of data Shamoon is looking for, then stealing.

2 Services That Help Protect Public Wi-Fi Users

Private Wi-Fi can automatically connect and activate itself from startup, and proXPN's Premium version offers the ability to configure your iPad or iPhone to also use the service.

Cloud Company Ending 'Lifetime' Hosting Promise

As consolation, Joyent is offering customers the free use of one of the company's SmartMachines for one year.


Google Boosts Pwnium Bug Bounty

$2 million in rewards are offered to the finders of major vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser and other applications at annual hacking events.

Cloud Service OnLive Sold

The company will continue to operate its OnLive Game and Desktop services during the transition.

Apple, Samsung Ready Closing Arguments in Patent Case

Samsung argues Apple should pay $421.8 million to Samsung for infringing on its patents, while Apple is seeking $2.75 billion from Samsung in the case.


Mars Rock-Zapping Laser Explained

ChemCam can look at rocks and soils from a distance, fire a laser to vaporize the materials, and analyze them with an on-board spectrograph that measures the composition of the resulting plasma.


Biometric ID Tool Benefits Questioned in Light of Privacy Concerns

Opposition to biometric ID is pretty widespread, and most of that opposition is based not on prophecy, but on concerns about privacy.


Cloud Uptake Lower Than Expected, Research Firm Says

Gartner says cloud computing is moving slower than what everyone thought it would.


NASA: Mars Curiosity Ready to Roam, Shoot Lasers

With the Mars Curiosity rover's science instruments working well, NASA engineers are getting ready for two big tests of their robotic rover.


Back-to-School Tech Guide 2012

Here's tech that will make college a breeze, whether it's in the classroom or the dorm.

Fujitsu Turns Your Old CDs and DVDs into Laptop Bodies

Fujitsu's innovative program will recycle the media into new laptop parts, greatly reducing the company's amount of plastic used.