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Take That, Google Earth: This 3D Map Pinpoints All Known Galaxies and Black Holes

Are road maps too mundane for you? Try working your way through this massive data map of the sky instead.



Google Tests Feature that Shows Gmail Messages in Search Results

Google is experimenting with a feature that shows users' emails in personal search results.


Tablet Owners: Use a Stylus to Enhance Your Experience

Modern styluses can assist you with writing, drawing, painting, and other tasks on your tablet. We shine a spotlight on five styluses that might interest you.


25 Awesome Gadgets for $50 or Less

We scoured the Web for the best deals on 25 gadgets you might actually want to buy. All you have to do is sit back and click through the slideshow.


Windows Phone 7 Owners Won't Get In-App Purchases

A note on the MSDN Windows Phone Developer Center website reveals that only Windows Phone 8 users will get in-app purchases.

Apple and Samsung: You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Wacky claims aside, Cringely says patent trial affects more than iPads, iPhones -- the whole notion of tech innovation is at stake.


Never Come Home to Empty Cupboards Again With This Virtual Grocery Store

You'll never forget to pick up the milk after a trip again with virtual grocery stores in airport departure lounges.


4 Things Apple Will Eliminate With iPhone 5 and iOS 6

The latest beta releases of iOS 6 now give a clearer indication of which of Google’s services and features Apple will drop or replace with its own. Look for changes in maps, connectors, SIM cards, and YouTube access in the new iPhone.


10 Ways to Get the Most From Your Wi-Fi-Only Tablet

Use these tips to download books, make phone calls, and get other vital information--all without investing in an expensive, built-in data plan.

Mars Rover FAQs: What's Next

NASA’s latest $2.5 billion mission to Mars started with a bang as the rover Curiosity landed safely. Here's what will happen next and how you can follow along.


Samsung vs. Apple: Top 5 Revelations So Far

Court documents in the patent battle between the two industry heavyweights are unveiling insider ideas the companies didn't mean to share.


A 3D-Printed Exoskeleton Made From Lego Plastic Changes Lives for Children

Metal exoskeletons are too heavy for disabled kids to use, so these researchers made a lightweight one, hot from the 3D printer.


eBay Now Escalates Same-Day Shipping Wars

The auction site offers same-day retail delivery in a limited geographic area to rival similar and expanding services.


iPhone Trade-In Flurry Begins

Seeking a used iPhone, or looking to trade up soon? After-market outlets are seeing an uptick in resales in anticipation of Apple's next-generation release.