Don't-Miss Tech event Stories

Defcon Wi-Fi Hack Called No Threat to Enterprise WLANs

For Wi-Fi networks that are properly using 802.1X authentication, and that have transport layer security properly implemented, the impact of this exploit is essentially zero, experts say.


Twitter Takes Social Spotlight at London Olympics

Twitter basks in the Olympic spotlight, with athletes tweeting about the events and fans around the world tweeting their support.


Apple, Samsung Wage Battle Both In and Out of Court

The opening week of the "tech trial of century" over patent protection and alleged copying reveals the combatants' strategies regarding evidence and publicity.


Microsoft's Plan for Yammer

Analysis: Why did Microsoft spend more than $1 billion for the social networking company? It could be because Yammer successfully marketed its business virally.

Facebook's Summer of Fail

Analysis: The social networking sites' woes started with its IPO and have continued ever since.

Samsung's Big Zinger in Patent Case: Apple Exec Liked 7-Inch Galaxy

Trial reveals Apple admired rival Samsung's 7-inch Galaxy and commented "we should do one." Samsung hopes judge will see Apple wants to replicate rivals.


Trial With Samsung Reveals Apple's 7-inch iPad Vision, 'Purple Project'

Apple considered developing a car or a camera after seeing the iPod's success, and in early 2011 one of its top executives recommended making a 7-inch iPad.


Russian Robotic Spacecraft Bumps Up ISS-Bound Shipments to Same-Day Delivery

Scientists from NASA and Russia team up to send expedited supplies from the launchpas to the ISS in the same day.


The Greatest Tech Battles Ever

In honor of the patent war heating up between Apple and Samsung, we look back at some epic tech battles.


Seven Minutes of Terror: NASA's Curiosity Rover to Land on Mars This Weekend

On Sunday night, NASA will land a nuclear-powered six-wheeled rover the size of a Mini Cooper with a radioactive heart and rock-vaporizing laser to the surface of Mars. Here's how to follow along.


'2001: A Space Odyssey' Nixed as Samsung Evidence in Suit Against Apple

Judge Koh rules that Samsung didn't make it clear in the preliminary injunction stage that the company wanted to cite the prop as evidence against Apple's patent.

Microsoft Looks to Drop Metro Brand

A trademark challenge is apparently prompting Microsoft to rename the colorful geometric interface featured in Windows 8 across platforms.


US House to ITU: Hands off the Internet

The U.S. House of Representatives voted late Thursday to send a message to the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union.

HTC Expects Revenue to Decline in Q3, Says It Needs to Improve Its Brand

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC said on Friday it needs to bolster its brand, forecasting a decline in revenue and profit in the third quarter.

How Microsoft Surface Stacks Up Against Its Tablet Competition

How do the specs for the upcoming Microsoft Surface for Windows RT and Surface for Windows Pro compare with the Apple iPad? Here's what we know.