Don't-Miss Tech event Stories

'2001: A Space Odyssey' Nixed as Samsung Evidence in Suit Against Apple

Judge Koh rules that Samsung didn't make it clear in the preliminary injunction stage that the company wanted to cite the prop as evidence against Apple's patent.

Microsoft Looks to Drop Metro Brand

A trademark challenge is apparently prompting Microsoft to rename the colorful geometric interface featured in Windows 8 across platforms.


US House to ITU: Hands off the Internet

The U.S. House of Representatives voted late Thursday to send a message to the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union.

HTC Expects Revenue to Decline in Q3, Says It Needs to Improve Its Brand

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC said on Friday it needs to bolster its brand, forecasting a decline in revenue and profit in the third quarter.

How Microsoft Surface Stacks Up Against Its Tablet Competition

How do the specs for the upcoming Microsoft Surface for Windows RT and Surface for Windows Pro compare with the Apple iPad? Here's what we know.

Twitter Gets Political with a Political Index

Twitter and Topsy launch a tool that reads every tweet for a sentiment about either candidate, and scores them on a daily basis.


Facebook Unveils New User-Generated Feature: Facebook Stories

The point of the new feature is to showcase how Facebookers use the site in compelling ways. Entries are welcome.


AT&T to Acquire NextWave for $600M to Boost Its Mobile Spectrum

AT&T plans to acquire NextWave Wireless, a holder of spectrum that could be used for mobile data services, for about $600 million.

Google Street View Lands at Kennedy Space Center

Google’s largest special collection of Street View photos features 6,000 panoramic views of NASA’s historic site for its space-faring missions.


Tweet from a Commodore 64? We Do That and More to Celebrate the Beloved PC's 30th Birthday

Our intrepid computer historian uses the Commodore 64 to tweet, visit websites, and do other PC tasks invented long after the famous gaming computer launched three decades ago.

Microsoft Surface RT vs. Surface Pro: Which Tablet Will You Want?

Will big-ticket apps be ready for the two different Surface models when they launch? Which version looks to be the better deal? And will Microsoft's radical gambit in producing its own tablet hardware succeed?

Apple Asks Court to Punish Samsung for Releasing Documents in iPhone Suit

Apple will ask a federal court to sanction Samsung for releasing documents that were not allowed as evidence in the companies' dueling patent lawsuits.

Judge Sides With HP, Rules Oracle Must Continue Porting Software to Itanium

A California court on Wednesday ordered Oracle to continue porting its software to the Intel Itanium chips used by Hewlett-Packard in a number of its servers.

FDA Approves Edible Digital Pills That Keep Track of Your Health

The first swallowable microchip is here to keep track of your well-being.


Audit: Police Wasted Millions on Software, Crime-fighting Tech They Never Used

Police in Oakland, California, have spent about $1.8 million in recent years on software and other crime-fighting technologies that they either never used or drastically underutilized.