Don't-Miss Tech event Stories

HP bets big on Linux

With a $500,000 investment, HP joins Samsung and others with a seat on the Linux Foundation's board of directors.

Five ways to track breaking Election Day news online

Track the presidential election and key races online with these top five sites.

Lawsuit filed over Ohio software update to voting machines

The co-chairman of the Ohio Green Party and editor of, Bob Fitrakis, on Monday filed a federal lawsuit over software that was allegedly installed on central vote tabulation machines.

Microsoft Build

What Microsoft should deliver at its BUILD developer conference

Microsoft's Build conference is coming. Will developers stick with Microsoft as it moves forward with its new platforms? Will cool new apps come to Windows? Build holds the clues.

Microsoft launches Windows 8 with great fanfare, few surprises

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Thursday launched Windows 8, its new OS, in a glossy press event in New York City. Company officials discussed Windows 8’s touchable interface on new PCs and mentioned, but didn't go into depth, on Win 8 apps and the Microsoft Store.

Windows 8, iPad, and Android: Previewing tech's busy week

The next seven days offer a slew of mobile product announcements and releases, ranging from Apple's anticipated iPad Mini to Microsoft's first tablet, refreshes from Samsung and Google, and a promotion of the first Windows 8 devices.

silicon valley firms

5 Silicon Valley tech companies we all want to work for

Silicon Valley firms dominate a list of the companies with the best perks. Here are five top tech firms with great benefits.


International CES logo

Qualcomm to open 2013 CES in place of Microsoft

Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs will give the opening keynote at the giant Consumer Electronics Show in January, a logical choice for an event whose focus is increasingly mobile, but one that might not garner the attention of a Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer appearance.


Two Pirate Bay founders are MIA at Hack in the Box conference

Peter "brokep" Sunde and Fredrik "tiamo" Neij were supposed to give a talk at the event

GoDaddy apologizes for outage with 30% discounts

The hosting service is offering across-the-board discounts to its customers as an apology for an outage that lasted several hours this week.

Look, no wires! Intel demos wireless docking for Ultrabook

Intel demonstrated a new technology Thursday that promises to rid computers many connectors and cables.

Anonymous member arrested during online chat after threat against FBI

Dallas law enforcement authorities have arrested self-professed Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown in what appears to have been a dramatic raid of his apartment late Wednesday night.

20 Web services you should point to and click

Web services are quickly replacing desktop programs for routine tasks such as editing an image, creating a spreadsheet, or maintaining someone else’s computer.

'Six strikes' piracy warning system to debut in months

The Copyright Alert System has been plagued by a series of delays. It was originally scheduled to launch in December 2011.

Penn researcher sees a future where 'consumer electronics' becomes 'consumer photonics'

University of Pennsylvania researchers are touting their creation of an all-optical switch that uses nanowires to transmit and process information using light pulses rather than electricity.