Don't-Miss Virtualization Stories

5 Tips for Making Your Cloud SLA Air-Tight

It's one of the most important documents you sign when starting a cloud deployment with a public vendor: your service-level agreement (SLA).

US Groups: Foreign Cloud Providers Marketing Against Privacy Concerns

Cloud computing services from outside the U.S. are trying to exploit perceived weaknesses in privacy laws to drive business away from U.S. providers, according...

Google Establishes Partner Program for Cloud Services

Following the best marketing practices of traditional IT firms, Google has launched a partner program to help third-party vendors use and sell Google cloud...

A Clearer View of Cloud Computing Security Now that the Haze is Gone

The cloud is here to stay because most organizations are looking to the cloud for "extension" -- the capability to take their business in new directions faster, rather than simply as a method of cost management.

Windows 8 Features That Will Benefit Businesses

The new OS will be released October 26. Here's how businesses will benefit from upgrading.

Amazon Opens up About Its Cloud Security Practices, Joins CSA Registry

Amazon Web Services has submitted an entry to the Cloud Security Alliance's Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR), a move that sheds some light into the security features of its IaaS cloud offering.

VMware to Acquire OpenFlow Pioneer Nicira for $1.26 Billion

Continuing its push to virtualize all aspects of the data center, VMware is acquiring software-defined networking firm Nicira for US$1.26 billion, the companies...

Beyond Dropbox: Security is Only Part of the Cloud's Problem

In light of Dropbox's latest security flaw, the cloud still has a ways to go before customers can trust it.

Shocker: Government Agency Drafts Sensible Cloud Computing Strategy

But Department of Defense's cloud plan could be at risk if it continues to rely on the same old IT contractors.

Dell's Cloud Plans Slip Behind Schedule

Dell announced an aggressive schedule last year to roll out cloud-based application services, but it now looks like the schedule was a little too aggressive.

Microsoft Sizes Up Its Cloud

Microsoft says its Azure cloud has more than 4 trillion objects stored in it, a fourfold increase from a year ago.

Oracle Set to Hype Advances in Exalogic 'cloud in a Box'

Oracle is planning to discuss how its Exalogic application server machine is "the logical choice" for running applications, during a special webcast event on...

Epicor CEO Pervez Qureshi Talks Company's Renewal, SaaS and Growth Plans

Following last year's merger with Activant Solutions, ERP (enterprise resource planning) vendor Epicor is closing in on US$1 billion in revenue, a figure that...

Office 2013 on a Tablet vs. Touch-Friendly Competition

Microsoft’s new Office apps and services will make its tablets well-armed for business. Will the competition be able to keep up?

IBM Services, Hardware Revenue Falls in Q2 While Profit Grows

For its most recent financial quarter, IBM experienced a drop-off in revenue, though it was able to maintain profit growth.