Don't-Miss Virtualization Stories

Cloud Adoption Pushes Storage Virtualization

Storage hypervisors are increasingly being used to virtualize storage hardware to allow for disparate infrastructures to be centrally managed.

The Long Death of Fat Clients

Web development and open standards have triumphed, while the JavaFX framework is merely a last gasp.

How NASA Helped Open-Source Cloud Computing Take Off

The government agency famous for Tang and memory foam has also fostered the development of open-source could computing.

Google Launches IaaS Compute Engine

Expanding its portfolio of cloud computing services, Google is launching an IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) package, called Google Compute Engine (GCE). Hit With Outage experienced system problems in a number of regions on Thursday, starting at 3:34 a.m. PDT, according to an online status page.

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst Weighs in on Strategy, Oracle and Growth

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst is coming up on his five-year anniversary at the helm, following his arrival in December 2007. Under Whitehurst's leadership, Red...

Google's App Engine Comes to Europe

Google has added the ability to run App Engine applications on a cluster located in Europe, in order to improve performance for local users, the company said at...

Survey: China to Replace Silicon Valley as Tech Innovation Hub

China is seen as the next global technology innovation center replacing Silicon Valley, according to results of KPMG Global Technology Innovation Survey released on Wednesday.

Will the Nexus Q Be Google's Key to Developers' Hearts?

Google announced a consumer media-streaming device it calls the Nexus Q at its I/O conference, taking the fight to Apple, which has largely dominated the...

Weighing Windows Server 2012

From network services and storage to virtualization and private cloud, Microsoft's beefy new server OS leaves no server role unturned.

Netflix Releases Customized Amazon Control Console

One of the biggest users of Amazon's cloud services, Netflix has released an open source console called Asgard that it developed to manage its Amazon...

Staff of Group Communications Company Thinkfuse Join Salesforce

The team at Thinkfuse, a software-as-a-service provider focused on helping groups manage communications, has joined, and the company will stop...

Google-backed CliQr Launches Cloud Management Service

CliQr Technologies, a startup backed by Google Ventures, has an unveiled a service called CloudCenter designed to allow organizations move applications across...

New Oracle OpenWorld Details Give Early Look at Company's Plans

Oracle tends to keep a tight lid on the specific announcements it will make each year at the OpenWorld conference prior to show time, but a newly released...

Box OneCloud Now Supports Android Devices

Subscribers to this enterprise service can now access Android apps and store and share Android files.