Don't-Miss Virtualization Stories

VMware and MapR hope to simplify virtualized big data

MapR Technologies and VMware have collaborated to make it easier for enterprises to virtualize big data applications and get better support at the same time.

CERN datacenter

CERN modernizes IT infrastructure with OpenStack and Puppet

CERN is making the infrastructure that handles the data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) more flexible by upgrading it with OpenStack for virtualization and Puppet for configuration management.

Bromium aims to protect users on the move with upgraded virtualization software

Bromium's small virtual machines have been updated to protect users who send documents or connect to public wireless hotspots when on the move.

Warning! Users will have to reinstall all apps if they opt for Windows 8.1 beta

While the process to upgrade to the Windows 8.1 beta will be painless, there's a catch once the RTM version of Windows 8.1 drops.

Hitachi adds Amazon Web Services to cloud lineup in Japan

Hitachi said Monday it will officially support Amazon Web Services as part of its cloud solution offerings, a victory for Amazon over rival Microsoft Azure.

Nvidia's Grid server concept

Nvidia, Citrix crank up virtual desktop delivery

Improvements to Nvidia's virtualization technology are aimed at turning graphics processors into a more important resource in data centers and could speed deployment of virtual desktops and delivery of data over the cloud.

ODCA: Virtual machines inching to portability

While some progress has been achieved in getting virtual machines to run across different types of hypervisors, more work is still needed to bring them to the level of portability that enterprises are seeking, according to a study released by the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA).

Citrix bequeaths Xen to the Linux Foundation

In an effort to attract a more diverse set of contributors, enterprise software vendor Citrix has donated its open source Xen hypervisor to the Linux Foundation.

Dropbox CEO criticizes Apple cloud lock-in

Houston, at Mobile World Congress, said there is a common pattern of thinking, whereby companies that build phones or networks believe that they can also build a cloud service and bolt it on to their existing offerings.

Cisco virtual desktop users will get Jabber access

Users of Cisco's virtual desktop system will soon be able to chat with their colleagues using Jabber's HD instant messaging tool.

Dropbox client syncing and uploading services go down

Some Dropbox users took to Twitter to vent their frustrations, post pictures and question whether Amazon Web Services was to blame.

5 excellent uses of Windows 8 Hyper-V

With virtualization in Windows 8, you can create an app sandbox, run a test machine, launch a VHD appliance, and more.

microsoft skydrive

Microsoft may bring music player to SkyDrive, codes reveal

Such a move would mean if you have songs saved to SkyDrive you could play them from any browser or mobile device, similar to how Google Play Music or Amazon Cloud Player work.

Microsoft App-V 5.0 takes virtualization to the next level

App-V 5.0 includes significant improvements to make virtualization a more appealing option for businesses.

Where is cloud computing heading in 2013?

What is certain is we are watching a migration taking place where on-premise computing is moving to off-premise computing.