Don't-Miss Web site Stories

Obamacare website issues will be fixed, Obama promises

The president said Monday there is “no excuse” for the problems that have plagued since the site went live Oct. 1.

Wikipedia bans 250 accounts on pay-for-article concerns

The online encyclopedia's editors are investigating allegations of suspicious edits and accounts.


Ailing Obamacare site to get a "tech surge"

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is boosting the IT trauma team giving urgent care to the Obamacare website, which has badly malfunctioned since its launch almost three weeks ago.

How your online data is being packaged and sold

A recent study by the Direct Marketing Association is interesting in what it doesn't reveal about how it buys and sells your personal data to parties that want to sell to you.

More than 40 percent of YouTube traffic now comes from mobile

YouTube's presence on mobile devices has exploded in the past couple of years, Google said on Thursday.

Legal ruling to shut down in settlement with movie studios

The BitTorrent search site lost an appeals court case earlier this year, so it's closing its doors as part of settlement with movie studios in the U.S.

Internet infrastructure groups move away from US gov't over spying

ICANN and other groups are calling for an accelerated globalization of Internet domain name functions after NSA surveillance leaks.

Yahoo reports another sales drop as ad clicks yield less

The number of people using Yahoo’s services has grown, but the company hasn’t turned those users into top-line growth.


Google's Malaysia site latest to be felled in DNS attacks

Google is the latest victim of an ongoing spate of attacks on DNS records, as the company's website in Malaysia was briefly tampered with on Friday.

China's Alibaba backs Amazon rival ShopRunner

Alibaba Group is targeting the U.S. market with a $200 million investment in ShopRunner, an online retailer that competes with, according to sources.

EU court holds news website liable for readers' comments

Seven top E.U. judges ruled Thursday that a leading Internet news website was legally responsible for offensive views posted by readers in the comments section.

Syria's largest city comes back online

Aleppo is back on the Internet through a connection to Turkey, according to Internet monitoring company Renesys

Four suspected users of Silk Road Internet drug marketplace arrested in the UK

After arresting four men for drug offenses in connection with their involvement in Silk Road, U.K.'s new National Crime Agency promises that more arrests related to the Internet underground market will follow.

Google backs project to slash Internet costs worldwide

The search giant said Monday it has helped found a global coalition backed by Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee that hopes to dramatically cut the cost of Internet access.


Banksy Dumbo

Banksy YouTube vid features Islamist rebels hunting down Dumbo the elephant

The new "Rebel rocket attack" vid is both disturbing and hilarious. Therefore, it's art.