Don't-Miss Web site Stories

Yahoo News gets a redesign aimed at personalization

In its continuing efforts to woo users with new products and services, Yahoo is at it again, this time with a redesign of its News Page.

Square launches online marketplace service to rival eBay, Amazon and Etsy

Mobile payments company Square has launched an online marketplace, an offering that an analyst said is similar to those from eBay, Amazon and Etsy, where merchants can sell products to consumers.

Google launches Street View Special Collection for world's tallest skyscraper

Google Monday launched Street View Special Collection for the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai. This marks the first skyscraper to join the collection, as well as the first time the technology has been deployed in the Arab world.


FTC advises Google, Yahoo, others to be clearer in labeling paid search results

Searching online for something like "diet plans," or "Caribbean vacation," or of course "iPhone," is bound to present a slew of results, including ads. Now, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission wants search engines to display those ads more clearly.


Google adds malware, phishing numbers to its transparency report to make the Web 'safer'

Google is revealing some new numbers around malware and phishing attempts in an effort to get more people thinking about online security and to make the Web safer.

Microsoft to sanitize Bing for schools

Microsoft announced plans to launch Bing for Schools, which will optimize results for K-12 students.

Bing Board search

Microsoft's 'Bing Boards' allows users to curate search results

Over the next few weeks, Microsoft's Bing search engine will experiment with allowing a select group of users to curate search results, called Bing Boards.

Bing shopping

Could Microsoft's 'Brazil' project have been a revamped Bing Shopping?

Microsoft was set to launch an online marketplace to compete with Amazon, the Wall Street Journal reports. But Redmond killed the project before launch.

Oracle forums upgrade raises a ruckus among users

Oracle's recent upgrade to its online forums has divided the portal's many users, with some saying the update brings welcome changes but others claiming it is bug-riddled and inferior to its predecessor.

Pakistan using Netsweeper to block Internet content, say researchers

Web content filtering company Netsweeper has supplied its products to Pakistan, even as some top IT companies have refused to supply gear for a controversial filtering project, a Canadian research group has disclosed.

Google funds campaign against child porn online

Google announced a new multimillion-dollar investment in creating technology that will filter out images of child sexual abuse.


Facebook, Microsoft disclose FISA requests, sort of

Both Facebook and Microsoft asked for and received permission to disclose FISA and other government requests for information following the Prism scandal.

Albert, hard at work

Amazon quietly launches complete 3D printing store

Amazon’s new 3D printing section is a one-stop shop for used and new printers such as the MakerBot Replicator 2, plastic filament to stock up your machine, books, software, and various parts and supplies.


New Flickr

Yahoo moves to bolster Flickr on phones, acquires photo app developer

Yahoo moved to strengthen the mobile portion of its revamped Flickr photo sharing service, acquiring the developer behind a popular photo editing app.


Bing increases bird's-eye data significantly in update to Bing Maps

Microsoft's Bing increased the amount of "bird's-eye" imagery to Bing Maps by nearly half, but you still can't use it within the Windows 8 app.