How to Set Up a LinkedIn Company Page

How to Set Up a LinkedIn Company Page
If you or your customers are using a social network for pure business purposes, chances are good that social network is LinkedIn, which boasts more than 150 million business users.

Whether you operate a multilocation business with a well-known name in your industry or work as a lone professional, a LinkedIn company page is an excellent way to show a community of professionals what you can do, and it's an opportunity for free advertising that you shouldn't pass up.

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The New iPad: Your Ultimate Remote Desktop?

iPad 3 as a remote desktop tool
Businesses love Apple’s iPad. They use the tablets in myriad ways, from airline pilot flight manuals to hospital charts to point-of-sale terminals. The updated specs of the iPad, announced today, should make the tablet even better at something it already does well: enabling remote desktop access.

Tablet Limitations

Though tablets can do many of the tasks that PCs have been used for, not everything is tablet ready. One of the biggest limitations is running common business software, most of which is written to run on Windows-based x86/x64 machines. Microsoft has announced that its new Windows 8 will not allow software written for previous versions of Windows to run on ARM-based tablets; they will need to be re-written as a Metro-style app. Similarly, though iOS and OS X share code, programs written for the Mac cannot run on an iPad.

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YouSendIt Launches Collaboration Tool With SharePoint Tie-Ins

YouSendIt got its start as a service for people who had to send large files to one another. It's evolved to become a leading business solution for file transfers, online storage, and other content-collaboration services. Its latest entry, Workstream, launched this week as a document-management and file-sharing tool, custom-tailored to the needs of businesses.

Workstream for iPad
Workstream works on Windows and OS X desktops, Android phones and tablets, iPhones, and iPads.

It integrates deeply with Microsoft products, including SharePoint, Active Directory, and Outlook. The SharePoint integration is particularly interesting, since it allows users to share content across departments without extranet portals--mini-websites that let people share information--and externally without needing to add users to SharePoint. Since IT personnel typically need to create extranet portals for departments requesting them, this feature alone could be a huge money-saver.

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48 NASA Laptops Stolen in Two Years: A Case for Better Encryption Practices

International Space Station: Image courtesy of Wikimedia
It's not only businesses that need to worry about laptop security.

Even NASA laptops are vulnerable to theft and poor security practices: 48 NASA laptops or mobile devices were stolen from America’s space agency between April 2009 and April 2011, including one--unencrypted--laptop containing control codes for the International Space Station (ISS).

Although ISS does not appear to be in jeopardy, according to a NASA public affairs officer who spoke to the Security News Daily, the NASA security breaches underscore how serious and difficult a problem laptop and mobile device theft is--whether you’re a government agency or a small business or an individual.

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Got an App Idea? Two Free Tools Can Help Bring It to Life.

Now that apps have become such a key part of computing life, it seems pretty safe to assume that most of us have had an idea for a new one at some time or another.

The prospect of actually building an app may seem prohibitive to those without software development skills, but two tools can now make it possible and even easy to make an app--not to mention free.

Some 15,000 new apps are released each week on the mobile side alone. Could yours be the next Angry Birds? You'll never find out if you don't give it a whirl.

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Windows 8: Training Required

Most interface changes to new editions of Windows have been minor--an icon moved here, a toolbar added there. Windows 8 will be different, using a completely new Metro interface as the primary environment, and removing important elements like the Start menu from the older but still accessible “desktop” interface. Even IT pros may need to do some web searching to figure out some features. What questions will your workers have, and will you have the answers?

Windows 8, especially the Metro interface, was designed for touchscreens. Using a pointing device like a mouse or a touchpad is generally less intuitive and more difficult than using touch-based gestures. There are usually multiple ways to accomplish a task in Windows, so the ones mentioned below may not be the only alternatives. Also, this is a preview of Windows 8, features and the way they are accessed may change in the final release.

With all that in mind, here are answers to some of the basic questions workers will be asking their first day using Windows 8.

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Is Chrome Overtaking Firefox? Not So Fast.

It's been predicted for many months now that Google's Chrome browser would soon overtake Firefox in terms of market share, but that still hasn't happened--at least not according to Net Applications.

firefox chrome
In fact, the researcher recently published data suggesting that Chrome is actually on a gradual decline while Firefox is on a slow rise.

Whereas in January Chrome accounted for 18.94 percent, that figure fell slightly to 18.90 percent in February, the latest data shows. As for Firefox, it inched forward from 20.88 percent to 20.92 percent over the same time period.

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