DigiYumi: The Hypocrisy of Facebook

On the outside Facebook may look like any other social networking site, however beyond the facade lay in my opinion a blatant hypocrisy. With little to no warning or even a clear understanding of the rules set in place you may be banned from Facebook for sexually explicit material, or drug references. This all sounds fine but when there is no clear definition of what is ok and what is not permissible we run into a problem.

In the PC World community there has been talk of the changes of Facebook's terms of service. A new user expressed frustration with the social networking site and I had a chance to talk to him in more depth. Facebook had closed his account citing 'sexually explicit material' and he called to find out why. They did not give him an answer and not even a specific image as to why it was removed. His call provided no answers other then that once banned you couldn't start another account. I got a chance to look at these so-called questionable photos and they're was nothing wrong with them. As many others have complained about, people have posted far worse things on Facebook that had not been removed. The images were from Porno Bingo, which were contrary to the name not pornographic. He primarily promotes the event and it has raised over $80,000 in the last four years for various NY based LGBT charities. The event relies on internet promotion and Facebook was a great tool for the charity. He also expressed frustration on feeling singled out and that he never poached other people's friends for his own promotion. He had nearly 1,300 friends when his account was disabled, and he said that about 80% of them were friends or fans. Without a clear explanation him and his friend who is a dragqueen had their sites disabled.

The story sadly to say after internet research is not exclusive but rather an epidemic. For years now Facebook has been removing breastfeeding images from peoples profiles and closing their accounts. While continuing to provide no clear definition of how much breast is ok to show, and leaving those questioning why more sexually explicit images have not been removed from the social networking site. Most of these images were not even profile pictures, by default your Facebook profiles are friend only and you have to go out of your way to look at the pictures in their albums. Since then their has been a petition called 'Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene! (an official petition to Facebook)'. They now organize nurse in's which is where women change their profile images to breastfeeding one's in order to protest Facebook. There have also been protests outside of Facebook's headquarters as well. These women had their images and accounts removed with little to no warning telling them that these pictures with their children are obscene.

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Wozniak Dances With Abandon

Dance is a celebration of life and living. Watching Wozniak dance recently on Dancing With the Stars, I saw exuberance, style, flair, grace and remarkable strength and flexiblity. I saw joie de vivre. Wozniak, one of our own, dances with abandon. It brought a tear to my eye.

I'm a college professor and I learned more in this video clip than I learned in an entire semester of some of the classes I took in college. Here is what I learned: You'll never be remembered in this life if you sit on the sidelines and watch others dance. You need to get out on the dance floor yourself. Literally get out there.

And if you're not a dancer, that doesn't matter one whit. Dance is a physical expression of a mental state of mind. If you're experiencing joy and you express that joy in any way in physical form, you're dancing.

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The Apple II Gains Eternal Life in the Web Browser

Back in 1989, in the same year Tim Berners-Lee was cooking up the world wide web, I asked myself if there were some way to connect joy and thinking in the minds of elementary school children. With the help of a talented Apple employee, Dave Lyons, I assembled a collection of logic puzzles named Number Squares that ran on Apple II computers. Back in those days the Apple II was king.

I founded a software company and sold that software commercially between 1990 and 1995. When the Apple II computer was discontinued by Apple in 1994, I thought the lifespan of that software had come to an end.

What I didn't anticipate is the talented person who created AppleIIGo, a Java applet that runs Apple II software within a web browser. When I heard about AppleIIGo, I posted a short note on the AppleIIGo discussion forum asking if there was anyone who could help create a disk image of the Number Squares logic puzzles I designed way back when. Robert Stone, from Columbus, Ohio, answered the call.

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Objection! Video Game Review


Step into the virtual courtroom with the Objection! game series. The first video game to ever become professionally certified. Increase your aptitude and speed in identifying objectionable questions. Fun for everyone from professionals looking to sharpen their skills, law students or anyone interested in law. There is usually less then a second from the time a prosecutor asks the question to when the witness answers. So speed and accuracy counts toward your score. Many states also offer professionals CLE credits where home study of continuing education is available.

In Objection! You deal with a murder trial. With your virtual consciousness at ease you know your client is innocent and have the opportunity to defend the prosecutor's line of questioning by using one of the 12 objectionable categories. The game is not based on memorization, but on learning to identify and understand the proper responses. Many questions are also legitimate and you specify that the question is proper in order to maintain your silence. After every question you can press x or z to get a legal explanation as to the ruling of your objection. They also keep a chalkboard reminder of important tips to remember. As seen below some questions are also worth partial or full credit because a variety of objections may be suitable for the situation. Rulings are regularly updated and it has correct rulings for all 50 states, dc and federal court. You also get the opportunity to cross examine the witness in level 2.

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YouTube is a Thousand Times More Interesting than Television

I stopped watching television about three years ago. It's not worth my time. I find far more interesting and diverse content on YouTube. And I can communicate directly with each and every producer on YouTube.

Last year I blogged here in the Community Voices blog that YouTube now gets more than a billion video views per day. One of the reasons YouTube is so popular is the incredible talent of people you would never see on television. Ken Middleton is a ukulele player from Newcastle under Lyme, in England. He recently uploaded his ukulele version of The Rolling Stones classic, "As Tears Go By." This song stopped me in my tracks. Johann Sebastian Bach could not exceed Ken Middleton in his ability to interpret all the subtleties of this song.

Not only is the musical performance of this song flawless, the video production quality is equally high. I adore Ken's use of black and white video to give this video the feel that it was made in the same year this song was composed, back in the mid-1960's.

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Take Me Out to Ubuntu

When I was a kid, sometimes on a hot summer day my grandfather -- I called him "pops" -- would jump up and ask, "Hey kid. You want to go out to Ubuntu?" When he asked me that, my eyes would light up. There's nothing more I loved than spending time with pops and Ubuntu. As we walked over to his creaky Pentium III, we both broke out in that classic American song, "Take Me Out to Ubuntu." (QuickTime version -- Ogg version)

As the computer booted, he would put his arm around me. I looked up into his eyes. Could it get any better than this? Just me. And pops. And Ubuntu.

Phil Shapiro

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