Acer Aspire One netbook - Almost Perfect

Now that I've been using my Acer Aspire One laptop for two weeks I can share a few more thoughts about it. Do I still love the laptop? Most assuredly. Have I discovered some small areas for improvement? Yes, that too.

When I want to visit a different web site in Firefox, I usually place my cursor in the address bar and then press Control-A to select all in the address bar. After selecting all, I can then quickly delete the text in the address bar and then type in the text of the web page I want to go to. For some reason, on the Acer Aspire One Control-A does not select all the text in the address bar in Firefox. I find this to be a minor annoyance rather than a major annoyance, but maybe Acer can find out a way to fix that issue.

Someone in the local Linux users group told me that the Acer Aspire One's glossy screen is a deal-killer for him. He would otherwise purchase the laptop, but for that glossy screen. I don't find the glossy screen annoying, but neither do I find it to be a positive feature. If glossy screens are repugnant to a section of the population, Acer should either design this laptop without a glossy screen -- or offer a version of it without the glossy screen.

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Baby Bear for Blizzard's Birthday

Shortly after the release of World of Warcraft's second and record-breaking expansion World of Warcraft is celebrating its 4-year anniversary today with its 11 million subscribers. Players will not only complete an in game achievement when they log on, but will also receive a special Baby Blizzard Bear vanity pet. This cute little companion pet also utilizes a feature new to Wrath of the Lich King the 'bind on account' ability. Normally most items used by your character become soulbound (unable to transfer the item to other characters.) Being bind on account allows you to send this pet to every character on your account regardless of when they were created.

Baby Blizzard Bear

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Acer Aspire One netbook - A Dream Come True

I received my Acer Aspire One Netbook this afternoon. I ordered it from for $309, including shipping. Within a minute of my unboxing it at the public library where I work, two people asked me the for the name of the laptop and which web site they could buy it from.

The out-of-box experience was excellent. My experience using the Asustek Eee PC netbook made me instantly comfortable with the Acer interface. The one disappointment is the awkward placement of the mouse buttons on either side of the trackpad. Here's a friendly tip for Acer. Hire more woman engineers. Only a male engineer would have be stupid enough to have made that design decision.

In almost all other respects this netbook is a delight. I plan to blog a lot about it in the coming weeks and months.

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DigiYumi: Commercial Wars

With Apple's integration of the Intel processor sufficiently narrowing the gap between the former defining capabilities of a Windows based PC and Apple's Macintosh family. What we are left with are the differences within the operating systems itself. Beyond the physical distinctions of the operating systems we reach the image of the companies themselves. None however has a more profound impact upon the collective psyche then that of commercial advertisement.

In response to Apple's well written and amusing advertisements, Microsoft has released an onslaught of sub par responses containing the general message of "Your a Mac, but everyone else is a PC." The pacing of which is such an overwhelming bombardment to the senses it leaves little time for a viewer to relate and say "I am a PC and I'm proud of it."

Windows is without question the dominant home based computer operating system. They could easily create their own unrelated commercials without stooping to an unimaginative school yard mentality. By doing so unintentionally these 'commercial wars' have elevated their less successful competitors to a more even playing field psychologically. Their best interest for commercials would be to produce powerful unique imagery that highlights the brilliance and limitlessness wonders that a PC can offer. Instead of their string of nonsensical "Everyones a PC" or "Hey Vista isn't that bad" commercials. I'm a PC and I deserve better.

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