Make Search Engines Love Your Site With This SEO Software

If you have something great to share with the world, there's no better place than the Web to do it. But you need more than a website; you need the perfect domain name and all the other things that optimize your site for search engines. These three programs and suites help you harness the power of search engine optimization to make your website a highly-ranked hit. SEO software doesn't come cheap, so research these well to see which best suits your business.

Market Samurai

Creating a money-making online venture is not a simple challenge. Market Samurai is a comprehensive suite of tools aimed at making the process easier by helping you track down lucrative keywords, buy the right domain for the job, and more.

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Ad-Aware's New Interface Appeals to Novices and Experts Alike

Over the years, Lavasoft's Ad-Aware product line has made itself a name in the highly competitive anti-malware marketplace, and today's release of version 10 introduces a new UI, new pricing ($12 per year for Personal, $36 per year for Pro), and more features--and a new name--for the popular free edition. This blog item discusses only the new design and features. PCWorld has not tested yet tested Ad-Aware 10's effectiveness in fighting malware.

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+
Ad-Aware's free version offers comprehensive protection at no cost, with a slick new interface.
The work Lavasoft put into the UI shows right from the installation phase. Ad-Aware uses its own custom installer, which downloads the most recent definitions file as part of the installation process, so you don't have to update Ad-Aware immediately after installing it. Slick as this is, the installer does still require a system restart before Ad-Aware can start working.

As part of the installation process, Ad-Aware suggests installing its browser toolbar, and switching your default homepage and search engine to Blekko. These are enabled by default, but you can opt out of them if you wish.

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Three Free Email Reminders Reviewed:, Followup:cc, Boomerang for Gmail

Many of us use our email inbox as a to-do list. Keeping that to-do list organized and easily accessible is a daunting task--especially with scores of new messages arriving daily. Each of these programs and services has its own spin on reminders.

Followup:cc screenshot
Followup:cc handles the basics of email reminders.
The service can help you stay on top of your email tasks, by sending you handy reminders when you need them most. is available in four versions: Free, Personal ($5 per month), Plus ($10 per month), and Premium ($15 per month).

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Four Driver Update Utilities: Which Ones Can You Count On?

Out-of-date drivers can keep devices form working properly. Manually updating drivers is a dull, tedious task easily forgotten. PCWorld recently reviewed several automatic driver update utilities that pledge to make the task less onerous. Some of these programs (particularly the free and demo versions) identify driver updates for you. The full-featured, more expensive ones will update them as well. We show you which programs are worth the download, and which you should give a miss.

Driver Reviver

Like its rival Perfect Updater, ReviverSoft's Driver Reviver begins to scan your PC for out-of-date drivers as soon as you launch the app. I prefer the approach taken by another rival,'s Device Doctor, which waits to begin scanning until you've manually started the process. But you can pause the scan, and in all other areas, both PerfectUpdater and Driver Reviver drastically outperform Device Doctor.

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Three 3-D Modeling Programs, From Free to Fancy: Blender, 3DCrafter, Poser

Ever dream of designing three-dimensional models for games and animated movies? We examine two free options and a new version of a well-known professional 3-D modeling program. Each has its own niche and can produce excellent results--but if speedy creation is your goal, you may get what you pay for.


Blender screenshot
Powerful and complex, Blender seems best suited to designers with a coding background.
Blender is pretty daunting to someone who's never used 3D modeling or animation software. For me, using Blender 2.60a was somewhat like having to know exactly how my car works before I can drive it: a no-brainer for some people, but it's not for everyone.

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Downloads Digest: Carbonite 5, Fade In, AeroFS, Cloud9 IDE, Studio One Artist

The latest five products reviewed in PCWorld Downloads are a mixed bag. Some are excellent and some show the potential for excellence. Due to a closed beta and some steep prices, some are hard to obtain. Each of them is intriguing in its own way, and worth a look.


Carbonite screenshot
Carbonite 5 is the same easy-to-use backup product, but new Home user pricing plans offer different features.
Version 5 of Carbonite Home offers some new and possibly handy functionality in two new tiers of service. Otherwise, it remains the same affordable, easy-to-use, but sometimes restrictive online backup service we reviewed last year.

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What's Up in Downloads? Latest Five Reviews: Mind Maps, Diff Tool, Free Game

PCWorld's reviewers examine so much software for desktop and Web, it can be easy to miss some of the reviews. Our most recent finds: three mindmappers, a differential tool for coders, and a space empire-building game. For downloads and full reviews, follow the links.


What if you were able to put your entire brain into one computer program? Every thought, work-related or personal, with links to Web pages or files on your computer, and any additional notes you'd care to make. And what if you could then link those thoughts together, weaving them into free and complex associative patterns, much like an actual train of thought going through your head? That's what TheBrain ($249, 30-day free trial) tries to let you do.

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