Min Vid Test Pilot experiment gives Firefox a YouTube picture-in-picture mode

Firefox has a Test Pilot experiment that hardcore YouTube fans will want to grab right away. The new experiment is called Min Vid, and it allows users to watch YouTube videos in a “picture-in-picture” mode. That way you can continue to browse and get work done while still watching your video.

But that doesn’t even describe the half of it. Mozilla’s experimental feature places a web-based persistent video player on your desktop that is “always on top” no matter which app or program you’re using.

You can deal with email in Outlook, or fill out data on a spreadsheet, and that YouTube video will keep on going in an unobtrusive mini-player.

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How to pin the Recent Items folder to File Explorer in Windows 10

Microsoft Outlook 2016 has this really handy feature for adding attachments. When you click Attach File it lists the most recent documents you worked on regardless of which program you used. It can be a screenshot you recently took, a basic text file you opened in Sublime Text, or a spreadsheet in Excel.


The default recent items section in File Explorer.

It’s a handy feature that would be nice to use in other programs or web apps that don’t offer similar functionality. By default, File Explorer in Windows 10 has a recent-files section when you open to the Quick Access section. That’s nice, but personally I’d prefer to look at a recently-used-files section that has its own full window.

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3 handy image tools you can use in File Explorer

Believe it or not, File Explorer has a few handy image tools that can make your life easier. They’re nothing exciting—we’re not talking about hidden image-editing here. Nevertheless, these tools are helpful to know about in a pinch.

All three of these tools exist under the Manage tab when you open a folder in File Explorer that contains images. The Manage tab will not appear if you’re looking at a folder with just documents or other file types.

These features are available on Windows 8 and up.

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How to find out what Facebook knows about you

We’ve all heard stories about how much Facebook knows about us (or thinks it does) from following our activities on the internet, cataloging our likes, and getting us to share information on the social network. ProPublica even built a Chrome extension to help you find some of this information.

But if you want to know how Facebook perceives you, you don’t need a Chrome extension. All you have to do is visit your ad preferences on Facebook. This page is accessible from a mobile device, but it’s much easier to manage on a full-screen PC.


Facebook’s ad preferences page.

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How to shut down your PC at a set time

I prefer to shut down my PC at the end of the day. There I said it. I know that puts me into one of two camps in the world of PC users. So be it. The trouble is that I often forget to turn off my PC after work. Since I work at home I get distracted by dinner, the kids, a visitor...whatever.

A handy way to make sure your PC shuts down at a preferred time is to automate the process with a simple program. There are many apps that can do this, but two programs in particular make the job especially easy: RTG Ninja Shutdown and Simple Shutdown Timer.

Turn it off, like a ninja

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Get more Edge extensions by installing beta versions

Microsoft is making a really weird choice with Edge extensions right now. The company is testing new additions within the Windows Insider program before releasing the extensions to mainstream Windows users. That means new extensions are slow to come to the Windows Store. Hopefully, this is only a short-term strategy for Microsoft as it figures out how make extensions work in Edge.

Nevertheless, you can still install unreleased Edge extensions, as long as you can get them to open in the Store. Recently, I installed Tampermonkey and Turn off the Lights in Edge even though they’re not officially available in the Windows Store.

If you’re not familiar with them, Tampermonkey is a popular user script extension that can add unofficial features or different looks to websites. You can use Tampermonkey to add a black theme for Facebook, for example, or remove “soft” paywalls on certain news websites. Turn off the Lights, meanwhile, dims extraneous parts of a website like YouTube or Vimeo when you’re not viewing a video in full screen mode.

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How to stop failing Windows Updates from bothering you

There’s a bug going around that’s affecting some Windows 10 Anniversary Update users (including me), making it impossible to install update KB3194496 from September. Microsoft says it’s working on a fix that will roll out soon. Until then, I’m stuck as Windows will try and download and install the update every time I want to reboot or shut down my laptop.


Luckily, there’s an easy way to hide that Windows update until Microsoft gets its act together. 

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