How to turn off autoplay on Netflix kids' profiles

Netflix makes it so easy to keep an entire family’s viewing habits separate thanks to multi-user profiles on a single account. But one thing that’s not so easy—or at least not obvious—is how to stop TV show episodes from auto-playing on a child’s profile.

Binge watching is lots of fun, but not if you’re trying to curb your kids’ viewing time. With auto-play turned on you’re always checking for when the credits start on your kids’ favorite show. An easier strategy is just to turn off auto-play, but it’s not obvious how to do that on a kids’ profile.


The “Who’s watching?” screen in Netflix for PCs.

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How to download Windows Store apps with a local account

It’s common knowledge that if you decide to go all Windows 7 in Windows 10 and create a local user account, you get shut out of the Windows Store. You can open the Store of course, but you can’t download anything without signing in with a Microsoft Account. That changed recently, as first noted by Into Windows.

It’s not clear when the change took place: Microsoft could’ve quietly added this ability over the summer with the Anniversary Update, or only just recently just flipped the switch for everyone. Whatever happened, you no longer need a Microsoft Account to download free apps from the Windows Store. If this feature doesn’t work for you, try updating your version of Windows 10 to make sure you’re on the latest stable build.

Installing apps without a Microsoft Account works with most, but not all, free apps. I had no trouble downloading Asphalt 8 and Cut the Rope 2, for example, but Microsoft’s free Halo 5: Forge Bundle required a Microsoft Account sign-in.

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How to use Bing Saves to prepare for the holidays

Microsoft recently introduced Bing Saves, which is a similar service to Google Save. It lets you quickly save videos and images from various search results for later perusal.

There are three primary kinds of search results that work with Bing Saves: shopping, images, and video. Here’s how you can use Bing Saves to keep track of everything from gift lists to recipes this holiday season. To use Bing Saves you’ll need to be signed in to your Microsoft account on Bing.

Video cooking tutorials

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How to stop animated GIFs in Chrome and Firefox

Some people find them annoying but animated GIFs can be a lot of fun, at least the first few times you see them. After that they tend to lose their appeal, especially when you’re trying to read something right next to them. Most of the major browsers don’t offer a built-in way to control them. For those who care, however, you can take control of animated GIFs on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox through the magic of add-ons and extensions.

Google Chrome


Animation Policy for Google Chrome.

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How to use Skype without an account

Skype recently added an interesting new feature that allows anyone to use the free version of the messaging app without an account. To use it without an account, you must use Skype for Web; however, account holders can still join in using a regular Skype client.

This is an extension of a feature Skype rolled out in October 2015, which allowed Skype users to add non-Skype users to their conversations.

When you use Skype’s account-free options, you’re considered a guest. All conversations are based on a unique link that you can share with anyone you want to talk to over Skype. Guest conversation links last for 24 hours and allow up to 300 people to have a text chat, or up to 25 people to participate in a voice or video call.

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A new Chrome feature automatically mutes multiple tabs

One of my favorite features of Chrome—that has since landed on other browsers—is the volume icon that appears when a tab is playing audio. Google took it one step further when it made it possible to click that icon and mute the noisy tab. Now, Google’s blazing a trail again with a new feature in the Chrome developer (Dev) channel called “manage audio focus,” as first spotted by Ghacks.

This new feature automatically silences browser tabs that aren’t in use. Imagine you are on Facebook later today. You open a bunch of stories you found there in new tabs. Unfortunately, some of those new tabs have autoplay videos. Suddenly, a cacophony of news reports and how-to tips are coming through your headphones.

With “manage audio focus” enabled, only the tab you are actually looking at will make noise. Well, more or less, but we’ll get to that in a second.

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How to save your Vine videos right now

Short-form video creators everywhere were dumbstruck at the end of October when Twitter announced it was killing Vine. There’s still no word on when Vine might see its final day, and there are rumors that Twitter may sell Vine to a third-party, giving the service new life.

But the fact is Vine’s fate is still uncertain, and anyone who can’t get enough of their seven second videos should back up their memories. It’s likely Twitter will provide a way for users to export and save their videos should the end truly come.

For now, here are two ways to save your Vine videos to a PC, as long as your Vine account isn’t private.

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