Stop typing and start dictating documents in Windows

The easiest way to operate your PC is with your hands whether you're navigating a touch screen, or using a mouse and keyboard. But for some people that's just not possible, especially when it comes to typing.

Maybe you broke your finger or you suffer from a repetitive strain injury that makes typing impossible. Or perhaps you simply want to get work done while running on a treadmill.

But just because you can't type doesn't mean you can't create documents. All you need is a microphone for your PC and Microsoft Word to take the stress off your hands and start using your voice.

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Three services that take the headache out of creating a website

Even in this time of Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook many people argue you need your own online presence with a personal or professional website. Having your own website gives you a place to represent you that is under your complete control.

There are a wide number of services that make it easy to create something quickly, even if you don’t have a deep knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript (JS)—the building blocks of the web.

Here are three free services that can help you create a website. By default, they all direct your newly created site to a generic domain name, but all three also let you use your own purchased website name if you choose.

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Three easy ways to create a collaborative photo album

Special events like holidays, weddings, and school reunions just beg to be captured in pictures—but organizing photos from friends and family after the event can be a pain. 

It doesn't have to be! Here are three easy ways to collect everybody's photos and share them with all participants after your get-together is over.


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Find downloaded files faster with these two quick tips

Managing your PC's downloads folder is a lot like dealing with e-mail: if you don't have a good strategy to stay organized, it can get really cluttered, really quickly.

Even still, many of us treat the downloads folder as a dumping ground. It's a place we pay little attention to except for those odd times that we have to dive in to find a specific file or free up space on our hard drive. Otherwise, it's usually out of sight and out of mind.

Don't let the digital equivalent of shoveling everything in the closet muck up your PC. These two quick tips can make it easier to keep your files under control and find the files you're looking for quickly.

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Three free tools that reveal your PC's deepest details (including product keys)

When you need to know your specs to figure out if you can play a video game, it's best to just automate the process. But sometimes you need to dive deep and really find out nitty-gritty details about what's going on inside your computer, most often to aid with troubleshooting efforts or determine whether or not its time to upgrade your hardware. 

Maybe you want to check how much RAM your PC has. Maybe you want to know how fast your processor is, or the voltages being supplied to your PC components. Perhaps you've lost a software product key or are trying to figure out exactly which driver your printer is using. Some—but not all—of that info you can just grab from Windows itself, but it's spread across different locations and a pain to navigate to.

A better option is to try out a number of third-party apps that can analyze your system and supply all the information you need. Here's a look at three free, easy-to-use programs that deliver just that kind of information—and then some.

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Share files quickly and easily with Jumpshare

It's truly stunning to think about how many cloud storage and sharing services are out there. And on the free tier, they're all pretty much the same, offering free accounts with 2GB to 7GB of storage and apps for all the various mobile and desktop platforms.

But there's one relatively new service that makes it ridiculously easy to share files with others: Jumpshare.


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Need help? Microsoft Stores offer free tech support, PC tune-ups, malware removal

Windows users without a hefty dose of technical knowledge always have a tough time getting help. If you don't have a geeky friend handy, PC problems often mean dragging your computer down to the Geek Squad or local PC shop, where you'll be charged a crazy amount of money to have malware removed or speed up a slowing PC.

No more!

If you live near a Microsoft Store some of the peskiest PC problems can now be fixed in-person for free. Microsoft's retail locations recently started offering their Windows-focused answer to Apple's Genius Bar: the Answer Desk.

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