Easily find far-flung customization options with Windows' secret GodMode

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Like putting a personal touch on your PCs? Customization options abound in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, but these features can often be hard to find, an issue exacerbated by Microsoft's dual (or should I say dueling?) interfaces. Strategically burying some Control Panel options under the Charm bar doesn't help matters either.

Enter GodMode—a handy, hidden folder well-known to IT pros who want to quickly get at a wide range of customization options on the desktop, but one few everyday users know about.

GodMode basically provides easy, direct access to all of Windows' various far-flung features and customization options from a single interface, sorting them into handy categories like Display and Administrative Tools. Whether you want to adjust your monitor's resolution, tweak your folder options, or customize your taskbar's notification area, it's all a single click away in GodMode.

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Juggle multiple Twitter accounts in Google Chrome

Rick Broida , PCWorld

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I'm not what you would call a heavy Twitter user (I've lost weight! Kidding, kidding...), but I do have two accounts I like to check daily. And doing that in my browser is quite the hassle, as it means signing out of one account, signing into the other, and on and on. If I had three, four, or even more accounts, it would really be a nightmare.

There are lots of social-network managers out there, but all I really need is a simple way to hop between my two handles. And I found that in QuickTweet, a Chrome extension for managing multiple Twitter accounts.

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