FAQMasterFlex Makes Web FAQs Easy

Virtually any e-commerce site can benefit from a FAQ section, which consists of frequently asked questions, plus answers. A comprehensive, well-written FAQ can allay common concerns of prospective customers and reduce the time required to respond to e-mailed questions. However, developing and maintaining a comprehensive FAQ can be time-consuming if you use straight HTML.

FAQMasterFlex, from Lethal Penguin, is a free, open-source Web app that simplifies the creation and maintenance of FAQs, storing them in a database.

If you have just a handful of FAQ items, the time required to download and install this app may not justify the effort. However, if you have several dozen or more FAQs, FAQMasterFlex really shows its worth.

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Make Money From Your PDF Files

Adobe's PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most popular ways to distribute printed information electronically. But until now, there hasn't been an easy way for a business to earn money from the content it publishes in PDF form.

The recently announced Ads for Adobe PDF powered by Yahoo service lets you add pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements to your PDFs at the touch of a button. You earn money when readers click on an ad. You may not make big bucks using this beta service, but it costs nothing for you to sign up and try it out.

Aimed at PDF Publishers

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Microsoft Office Accounting Gets More Versatile

Office Accounting 2008 lets you import virtually any data in Excel, including accounts, transactions (such as invoices and vendor bills), and listings (such as inventory products and customers).
The 2008 version of Microsoft Office Accounting blurs the line between traditional packaged accounting software running on a Windows PC and Web-based software (or SaaS--Software as a Service--as it's known in industry speak). Both are integrated in the Office Accounting menu, which can be customized so an accounting firm may offer enhanced services to its clients.

Office Accounting 2008 is also better for neophytes than its predecessor was. Getting started with the accounting app is easier--especially if you currently use an Excel spreadsheet to track your business finances. New business templates are available to set up accounts for particular types of businesses, from retail to construction.

A new online Resource Center offers links to video tutorials (to help you learn more about program operations), general business tips, a community bulletin board where other users can share questions and answers, and more.

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