PCWorld Show Episode II: On crappy tablet sales and why USB-C just plain sucks

The NFL may suddenly be afraid of Roman numerals but we’re not. The PCWorld Show is back with Episode II—just watch the video above to see Jon Phillips, Florence Ion and Gordon Mah Ung discussing tanking tablet sales; why Microsoft would buy Swiftkey; a new VAIO Windows phone; and whether USB Type C is a horrible standard.

You can enjoy our alleged witty banter in HD quality, or, if you’re into the brevity thing, just download or listen to the audio stream below. This episode was recorded on Februarius III, MMXVI.

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PCWorld Show Episode 1: Digging deep into the vast Surfacegate conspiracy

The PCWorld Show is back—and it’s not just a reboot of our long-lost podcast. Whether you want to watch the video version (above), or simply listen to the audio podcast (below), we’ve got your media needs covered.

This week, executive editor Gordon Mah Ung, staff writer Florence Ion, and editor-in-chief Jon Phillips riff on, argue about, and poke fun at the New England Patriots’ Surfacegate controversy, the preponderance of leaks surrounding the looming Samsung Galaxy S7, and the outright absurdity of 4-inch smartphones.

Gordon smells conspiracy, Flo gets exacerbated, and Jon can barely hold it together. Check back next week for Episode 2, and here’s the link if you want to download the audio podcast directly or stream just the audio version. 

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