Use Call-Out Arrows to Add Emphasis to Outlook Emails

It's precisely because a picture is worth so many words that many of us embed images in our emails.

Of course, sometimes an image alone can't convey what you want to say. But if you're an Outlook user, you can add arrows to call out specific areas.

For example, suppose you're working with a design company that's developing your new Web site. You want the art guys to increase the size of certain thumbnails, so you email a screenshot of the site and describe what you want changed.

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App Spotlight: MaxEmail Fax Turns Your iPhone into a Fax Machine

Like AOL, compact discs, and other relics of the 20th century, faxes refuse to die.

But at least we can dispense with fax machines, as evidenced by the new MaxEmail Fax app for iOS. With it you can send any photo or PDF as a fax, or, even better, snap a photo with your iPhone and send that as a fax.

In other words, your iPhone (or iPad) becomes the fax machine. That may sound a little crazy, but the latest models have cameras with more than enough megapixels to photograph an entire printed page.

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Send Large Files from Thunderbird with Filelink

Can Mozilla's Thunderbird really take the place of a big-boy mail client like Outlook? With the addition of an incredibly handy new feature, it just got one step closer.

It's called Filelink, and it solves a problem that's plagued email users for years: mail servers don't like giant file attachments.

Sure, if you're trying to send, say, a 30MB batch of files, you can hop out of your mail program and fire up a service like Dropbox or YouSendIt -- but then you have to upload your file, make it shareable, find and paste in the recipient's email address, hope that external services aren't blocked at his/her end, and so on.

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The Business Benefits of Adding a Second Monitor

For my money, there's no better way to transform your computing experience than by adding a second monitor.

Nothing, but nothing, beats having Outlook open on one screen and your browser on another. Or your browser and Excel. Or Excel and Word. You get the idea.

This approach not only saves you the time and hassle of switching back and forth between windows, but also makes multiple windows visible simultaneously -- great for when you need to, say, drag and drop data from one to another.

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App Spotlight: Protect Your Android Data with Clickfree Backup

Ever think about what would happen if your phone or tablet got lost? Or stolen? Or broken? Suddenly you're without critical contacts, appointment info, documents, photos, and the like.

Scary, no? Forget the basic hassles of trying to reassemble all those items; you could be looking at a major business crisis.

Just as you make the extra effort to back up your desktop data, so should you archive your mobile data. And that process just got a lot easier thanks to Clickfree Backup, a new app for Android phones and tablets.

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Password-Protect Your Files, Folders, and Drives with File Secure Free

Your data is like your business blood: It must be protected at all costs. That's why it's a good idea to safeguard your most important data, to back it up in case of disaster, to password-protect it in case of loss or theft, and to destroy it when it's no longer wanted.

Vitarsoft's File Secure Free takes a four-pronged approach to data safety. This utility can create a simple backup, encrypt selected files and folders, password-protect an external drive, and shred unwanted files so they can't be recovered.

That's an impressive roster of capabilities for a freeware utility. There are other products that can handle similar tasks, but most of them tackle only one. Here you get four important and useful functions under one software roof.

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