Evernote Business Bringing Note-Management Goodness to SMBs

Evernote Business
Evernote has long been a popular tool for business users, offering easy capture and management of notes, ideas, documents, and the like.

Now, Evernote is getting its business bona fides: The company just announced the aptly named Evernote Business.

Designed for small and mid-size companies, the new service promises the same free and Premium features as Evernote proper, plus a wealth of extra goodies catering to admins and owners. Among the highlights:

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Learn the Basics of Ice Cream Sandwich with the Android 4.0 Cheat Sheet

So your company just snapped up your aging BlackBerry and handed you an Android phone. Or you got fed up with Apple (it happens) and decided to switch platforms.

Whatever the case, if you're new to Android -- specifically Android 4.0 -- you may find yourself battling a learning curve that's interfering with your productivity.

Thankfully, there's fast and effective help to be found in the form of the Android 4.0 cheat sheet.

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Five Ways to Screw Up Your Press Pitch

As an influential tech blogger (or "legend in my own mind"), I'm constantly receiving pitches from product developers, PR people, and Kickstarter hopefuls.

Actually, all of these folks are hopeful: They want me to check out their new app or gizmo or service and, hopefully, write about it.

Which I'm glad to do. That's more or less why I'm here. However, if you're one of those people looking to curry favor with us media types, I've got some bad news: You're doing it wrong. You're making stupid mistakes that not only make you look bad, but also kill your chances of landing our e-ink.

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Learn the Secrets of Successful Project Management

A business can live or die based on how well it handles projects.

For example, a new marketing campaign can create a flood of new business, or it can waste a ton of time and money with nothing to show for it.

The question is, how do you steer the ship so all your projects sail smoothly? What do successful project managers know that you don't?

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Notes for Gmail Adds Sticky Notes to Your Messages

In recent years, a handful of developers have attempted to add note-taking capabilities to Gmail, the idea being to let you attach custom, personalized information to any given message.

For example, suppose you get a sales inquiry from a potential customer. You could attach a note with details on when you replied, what you said, how you plan to follow up, and so on.

Likewise, if the boss emails you about an important project, you could embed related information inside that email rather than keeping it someplace separate. Heck, maybe you just need to remind yourself who the sender is, like if it's someone you met at a conference. The possibilities are fairly endless.

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App Spotlight: Get Kayak Pro (iOS) for Free

If your business involves any kind of travel whatsoever, you need a good travel app.

There are plenty to choose from, but the best ones usually cost a buck or three.

Kayak Pro for iOS, for example, normally sells for 99 cents, but for a limited time you can grab it free of charge. (Just click the blue Get It button and you'll land at the iTunes download page. Or you can download it directly on your iPhone or iPad.)

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How to Send Sensitive Information Via Email

Suppose corporate needs your bank's routing and account numbers to get you set up for direct deposits. Or the IT department needs your password to upgrade or modify your account.

That's not the kind of information you typically want to share via email. Or instant message. Or even fax. Ideally, it's the kind of thing you'd write on a sticky note and hand directly to the person who needs it.

Of course, that's not always an option, meaning you need some kind of safe, electronic way to transmit sensitive information.

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