Hey, Google! Why No Multitouch for the Droid?

History will note that Steve Jobs was right: Google can be evil. And what it's doing to Android is a case-in-point.

Only Nexus One customers are getting new multitouch features, all you Droid customers are just out of luck.

Multitouch was one of several updates to its Nexus One smartphone that Google released Wednesday. The company did not provide the update to other top-tier Android smartphones, such as the Motorola Droid.

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Google Apps More IT-Friendly, Get New Mobile Features

Google Apps become more IT-friendly today with the addition of new security features for iPhone, Nokia, and Windows Mobile users.

The new features allow administrators to enforce password requirements and remotely wipe data from mobile devices.

"With this change, Google Apps Premier and Education Edition administrators will be able to manage their users' iPhone, Nokia E series, and Windows Mobile devices right from the Google Apps administrative control panel, without deploying any additional software or having to manage dedicated enterprise mobile servers," wrote Bryan Mawhinney, a Google software engineer, in an announcement posted Wednesday on the company's Enterprise Blog.

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Oracle-Sun Merger Could Benefit Small Business

Small business has reason the cheer Oracle's acquisition of Sun, now that it appears OpenOffice.org and MySQL look to do well--perhaps better--under new ownership.

Time will tell, but market forces may make the OpenOffice.org suite important to Sun. MySQL is protected, in part, by an agreement with the European Commission.

Oracle this week took control of Sun and held a webcast to detail its plans. Most of those plans are enterprise in nature, but some impact SMB customers as well.

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Windows 7 On an iPad? Yes You Can

Want to run Windows 7 on the new Apple iPad? Citrix says it will soon be possible--at least virtually--using a new version of its Citrix Receiver software.

Promised to be ready when the tablet computer ships in March, Citrix says the new software, based on the current iPhone version, is a response to questions about how the iPad might find a home in the enterprise.

iPad with Windows 7 via Citrix Receiver
"If your company has XenDesktop or XenApp you will be happy to know you will be able to use your iPad for real work as well," wrote Citrix Vice President Chris Fleck in a company blog.

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Apple iPad is Just Another DOA

What do the new Apple iPad and Google's Nexus One have in common? Both were DOA: Disappointing On Arrival.

Neither lived up to its advance publicity. Both also turned out to be more fashion accessory than the revolutionary gizmo each portended to be.

I can't say "pretended to be" because neither Google nor Apple did much to fuel the pre-launch speculation, but neither reined it in, either.

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Why the iPad Isn't Ready for the Office

Despite the availability of its own version of iWorks, Apple's new iPad remains an entertainment device, not an obvious business tool. Still, it has possibilities.

The closer the business app is to entertainment, the better the iPad looks. That makes sense, but it is also a real opportunity.Apple's new baby seems to be an excellent tool for small group business presentations, where its ability to run video, play audio, and show presentations can be put to good use.

So what is the iPad is nothing more than a supersized iPod touch.

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