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How to Use an HTTPS-Encrypted Connection When Browsing

Maintain an encrypted pathway between your PC and the Websites you visit.


How to Upgrade to the Latest Antivirus Software

Signature updates are essential; but every two or three years, you also need to upgrade to a newer integrated security package.

Is My Ex Spying on Me?

A reader’s estranged husband told her he’s spying on her email. Could this be true?

Are You a Data Breach Victim? Here's What to Do

Sony Pictures suffered a massive data breach that may impact up to 1 million users, but data breaches are fairly common. Here's a checklist of what to do--and what to watch for--if you fall victim.

Secure Your Tech Gear

Check out these tips to stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks, keep your printing sessions secure, recover your lost or stolen tech, and more.


Protect Your Data From the Breach Epidemic

Sony's PSN data breach got all the headlines, but this sort of attack is hardly rare. Here's what should you know about such breaches, and how to protect your data.

Do You Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online? These Tools Can Help

There's a fine line between giving kids independence and being oblivious to what they're up to. Here's how to find that balance and keep your children from getting into trouble online, without unduly encroaching on their individual privacy.

11 Free Microsoft Tools You're Overlooking

Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer are virtually synonymous with personal computing, but there are also many free tools from Microsoft that you may not be aware of.

Too Many Antivirus Programs?

Keith has Norton AntiVirus, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, SUPERAntiSpyware, Windows Defender, and Windows Firewall. Is this overkill?

I Emailed a Credit Card Number

Robert emailed credit card information to a business. Should he cancel the credit card?

Protect Your Online Privacy (Without Reading All the Fine Print)

Before signing up for a new social network service or downloading that new application on your phone, read these privacy suggestions first.

Anti-Virus Software Driving You Mad? 5 Fight-Back Tips

Security programs still hog PC resources and cause all kinds of hassles. Here's how to get better control of antivirus software and make it work for you.

Get Started With a VPN: For Beginners, Power Users, and IT Pros

How to Choose and Use a VPN, For Beginners and Experts Get Started With a VPN at Any Level