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Cross-platform apps such as Firefox Portable Edition, Portable, and Audacity Portable will give your phone full PC capabilities.

Super Software Secrets

From obscure options to esoteric shortcuts to arcane add-ons, here are 55 hidden gems that will help you master the programs you use every day.


Send Secure Info Over the Internet

Michael asked how to safely email passwords, account numbers, and other sensitive information

The Cleanest Malware Scan

Michael Gersten wants to be absolutely sure malware can’t interfere with his security scan

What Size Flash Drive?

Zdrew wants to know how large a flash drive must be for maintenance programs

Lose the Trojan

Deb asked the Answer Line forum how she can remove a Trojan from an infected .dll file.

One or Two Anti-Malware Programs?

Jeremy Sutherland asked if it’s really a good idea to supplement your regular antivirus program with another one

Enterprise Security Tips on a Small-Business Budget

Big or small, you can't be too careful with your business's network security. Here are some industrial-strength security tips you can implement on a shoestring budget.

Is It Safe To Work While Scanning?

Danw12321 asked the Answer Line forum if it’s safe to work while scanning for malware

PC Maintenance: What Tasks When?

Ruption18 asked the Answer Line forum what regular chores will keep his PC healthy

Sudden Temporary Slowdowns

Shermlindcastle asked the Answer Line forum why his PC occasionally slows down to a crawl

How to Stop 11 Hidden Security Threats

Antivirus software and a firewall alone can't guarantee your safety. Here's how to foil the latest crop of sneaky attacks and nefarious attempts to steal your data.

The Computer Maintenance Flash Drive

Andy Ludlum asked me to recommend portable diagnostic programs to keep on a flash drive.