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What you've accidentally erased isn't necessarily gone forever.


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Botnets are big, bad, and widespread -- but if your system is infected, you can take several simple steps to clean it and stay safe.

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Integrated security suites make endpoint security simpler and more effective.

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In this screencast, senior editor Robert Strohmeyer walks through the steps you'll need to take to tame one of Vista's most annoying features: user account control.


Master the Software Updating Process to Keep Your PC Safe and Stable

Running the latest versions of software helps keep your computer secure from malicious software. Here's how to manage software updates for all your major apps.

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Two PC World contributors square off to debate the necessity or nuisance of antimalware apps.

Three Free, Easy Ways To Protect Your Network

Locking down your business data doesn't have to cost a fortune. These security basics lay the foundation for network security.

Fight Malware on the Smartphone

As smartphones become more common, the threat of mobile malware is becoming real.