Don't-Miss Business security Stories

Protect Your Data With Whole-Disk Encryption

Keep your sensitive information out of the hands of interlopers with secure encryption software.

Recover Your Laptop From Theft or Loss

Laptop recovery services can rescue a stolen PC and keep your data out of the hands of thieves, as long as you choose the right service for your needs.

People Search Engines: Slam the Door on What Info They Can Collect

Take these steps to stop the new generation social search engines from telling the world everything about you.

Fight Malware on the Smartphone

As smartphones become more common, the threat of mobile malware is becoming real.

The Ultimate Browser Security Face-Off

Does your choice of browser affect your chances of being infected? You bet. We tested the top five browsers, and the results may surprise you.

Monitor Botnet Threats Your Antivirus Can't See

A free download can help you detect botnet threats that typical security tools won't spot.

Prevent Onlookers from Seeing Mobile Secrets

Screen overlays reduce the viewing angle so only you see private data.

Encrypt USB Flash Disks for Free

Keep your information safe even if you lose your USB thumb drive.

How to Beat Card Skimmer Scams and Other Money Drains

Use free IE or Firefox plug-in Amazon PriceWatch or the Price Protectr site to make sure you don't pay too much online. Also: Advice for dealing with card skimmer ATM scams.

Enable BIOS Passwords for Extra Security

Lock access to your system's BIOS settings, boot sequence, and even hard drive.

Protecting Against the Rampant Conficker Worm

The Conficker worm, aka Downadup, has infected millions of PCs worldwide. Here's how to protect yourself.

Pocket Credit Card Reader Takes Transactions on the Go

The ProPay MicroSecure Card Reader weighs in at a scant 1.4 ounces, fits into a shirt pocket, and securely stores up to 71 transactions at a time.

10 New Year's Resolutions for Your Business

Looking for ways to pep up your business this year? These 10 tips can help you prepare for security challenges and get organized.