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Check out these tips to make Microsoft Office work for you.

Run a Small Business From Your Smartphone

Office space is overrated. Here's how to take care of business from your phone.

Turn Your Gaming Hobby Into Your Small Business

StarCraft II tutors, Street Fighting lawyers, and more--meet three gamers who made their passion into their profession.

Create Quick Checklists In Evernote

In addition to capturing just about any kind of information, Evernote also makes it easy to whip up simple checklists and to-do lists on the fly.

Get a Virtual Receptionist With Booking Services

Genbook and Schedulicity make it easy for your clients to schedule an appointment.

How to Get Any File to Play Back on Your Android Phone

Here is how to make your Android phone open nearly any file type be it audio, video, images, and documents.

Share Any File Instantly With

This dead-simple file sharing service lets you upload anything and share it with your social networks in seconds.

Help Solve the Outlook 'General Failure' E-Mail Error

My original solution to this vexing problem doesn't work for some users. So I'm taking it straight to Microsoft! With your help, that is...

10 Google+ Tips for Beginners

You just got your hands on a Google+ invite--but what next? Check out these 10 tips to get you started on Google's new social network.

Foursquare Is Growing: Use It for Your Business

As Foursquare reaches impressive milestones, here's why it's worth checking out for your small business.

Build a Website for Your Small Business: 5 DIY Services

A professional Web designer isn't always the answer. These five free and affordable services let you build a site that makes your business look great--without knowing a line of code.

Design and Create Essential Print Materials for Your Business

How to Get Your Business Noticed on Paper

How to Make a Professional Letterhead

When it's time to kill trees and print business letters, nothing adds a professional touch like custom letterhead. Every small business should have a stack on hand. Here's how to start.