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15 Common Small-Business Tech Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

15 Common Tech Mistakes Small-Businesses Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Replace Slow, Bloated Adobe Reader with Tiny, Speedy Sumatra PDF

Looking for a fast, free, system-friendly PDF viewer? Try Sumatra PDF, one of the fastest. There's even a portable version that can run from your flash drive.

Fix Google Docs Annoyances With Free Software

Having to access Google Docs through a browser is perhaps one of the most annoying features of an otherwise excellent cloud office suite. However, two free apps take away a lot of the pain.

Google Docs Secrets: 21 Power Tips for the Productivity Suite

Google Docs has become a serious contender among office productivity tools, and it keeps getting better. These 21 quick tips uncover hidden, useful features to help you get more done with the Web-based suite.

Social Productivity: Use Peer Pressure to Keep Yourself on Task

Having trouble getting everything done all by yourself? Try getting by with a little help from your friends.

Quick Tips for Microsoft Word, Cool Windows Tools

Mouse clicks and thumbnails save you time in Word; free downloads make windows stay on top and clean out duplicate files.


Building a Better Business Backup System

Don’t wait until your data disappears in a disaster to create a comprehensive backup plan and pick the technology that’s right for your business. Backup may never be fun, but it is becoming more affordable, automated, and painless.

How to Get Started With Cloud Computing

Cloud experts and early adopters offer up five entry points to the cloud

How to Leave a Job With Your Personal Tech Intact

The ability to transition ethically and legally from one job to another has always been something of an art.

How Not to Use Twitter: Learn from Kenneth Cole

A raft of widely publicized "mis-tweets" suggests 6 key rules of thumb for businesses that use the microblogging service.

Use Thumbnails to Navigate Your Microsoft Word Documents

Bet you didn't know that Word has a thumbnail view just like PowerPoint, making it easy to hop between pages in lengthy documents.

Enable Word Macros

Jou Baur asked how to stop Microsoft Word from blocking macros

Reader Q&A: Troubleshoot Windows, Tweak Office, Add USB Ports

Readers want to know how to troubleshoot Windows apps, make Office easier to use, and add more USB ports to a PC.