Don't-Miss Business Software Stories

Android Tips, Tricks, and Apps from Google

Here's an assortment of suggestions and ideas for making the most of the Android mobile operating platform, direct from the horse’s mouth.

Install Office 2010 Over Office 2007

Boghound asked if he could install Office 2010 over Office 2007 and retain settings

The Bumpy Road to Private Clouds

When we first heard about cloud computing, public clouds got most of the attention. But private clouds are set to grow in popularity.

Simplify Shopping With OurGroceries (It's Not Just for Groceries)

Share multiple lists with multiple people and stay on top of your shopping needs through the holidays and beyond.

How to Check on Your Cloud Provider

Potential cloud-services customers face a tough problem: How can they trust cloud providers enough to hire them when the providers refuse to reveal important...

Thin Clients Fit the Bill When PCs Are Overkill

Ultraslim terminals can reduce the costs and work involved in managing desktop systems.

How to Negotiate Better Business Software Deals

Tough economic times, and the availability of more software licensing models than ever before, have combined to shift more negotiating power into customers' hands.

Groupon Nightmares (and How to Avoid Them)

Groupon might seem like a great advertising scheme, but it can spell disaster for unprepared small businesses.

Gmail Tips: How to Take Chat Off the Record; Archive E-Mails

Use Google Apps or Docs for work? Here's how to chat off the record and archive e-mails in Gmail.

What Google's Search Change Means For Your Website

Now that Google tweaked its search algorithm to downgrade sites like DecorMyEyes that have bad reputations, small businesses should re-examine their search engine optimization strategies.

How to Build a Social Network in 12 Days (Before Christmas)

Here are 12 steps to tap into the hidden job market during this holiday season and build a life-long career network.

Describe Your Files

Jack Douglas wants a way to add comments or descriptions his files

Process Credit Cards Anywhere: 5 Smartphone Alternatives

These 5 services let you accept credit card payments with a smartphone.