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How to Share Printers on a Network

Sharing printers across a network distributes their cost as well as their functionality. Here's a quick network printing guide for small businesses.

Automate Your Home With Four Easy Projects

Teach your PC and smartphone to turn on your lights during midnight bathroom breaks, lock your doors, wake you up (with coffee!), and more.

Dumb Tech Mistakes

Crazy4laptops asked the Windows forum about “not so smart moments with computers?”

Make Money Selling Your Old Tech

Get paid to unload old gear instead of letting it languish in drawers and closets. Companies are willing to buy used electronics for reselling and recycling.

Slow Wi-Fi? Try Bypassing It with an Ethernet Cable

Any number of factors can cause a slow Internet connection. To see if it's a Wi-Fi problem, plug your PC directly into the router.

Solve On-the-Go Hassles: Wi-Fi Woes, Sluggish Netbooks

Here's how to troubleshoot slow networking on a hotspot, speed up your netbook with a new OS, and get 250MB of free online storage with Dropbox.

Save Serious Money With a Business Energy Audit

Whether for a business based at home or in an office highrise, plugging energy leaks can bring measurable savings.

Making the Leap to VOIP

Switching to Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, can save a small business hundreds of dollars per month, while giving your phone system room to grow as your business expands.

How to Set Up a Virtualization Server

Virtualizing even a small infrastructure can ease administration and reduce costs. Here's what to look for in a host server, network interfaces, power supplies, and virtualization software.

IT Pros: How to Avoid Lurking Legal 'Gotchas'

Ignorance and seemingly innocent activities can subject you to fines, lawsuits, and even jail. Here's how to play it safe.

Video Conferencing for Small Businesses

Add video conferencing to your business toolkit to get you more face time with your colleagues and customers.


Small Business Networking Basics

As a company grows, a more robust network infrastructure becomes essential. Here's a simple guide to creating a safe and reliable network that keeps data protected and workers productive.

The ABCs of SSDs

Whether you buy a new PC with a solid state drive already installed, or choose to upgrade your existing drive, zippy performance makes an SSD an appealing option.