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HDTVs are energy gluttons, but you can help them consume less.


How to Buy a Netbook

The netbook market is new, and constantly in flux. In this netbook buying guide, we explain what models are available to you today.


'How to Build a PC,' the Interactive Geek Tech Video

Anyone can show you how to build a PC from scratch. We're going to let you pick your path through PC construction through the use of an interactive YouTube video!


How to Spot a Technology Money-Waster

These ideas sound like they'd save you some dough, but they'll end up costing more than you'd expect.

Is My Power Supply Powerful Enough?

While planning to buy a new, custom-built PC, Pinkston32 asked the Answer Line forum if a 750-watt power supply would be sufficient.


Quadruple Your Fun (and Productivity) With a Four-Monitor System

Think dual-display systems are the bee's knees? This quad-head setup will blow your mind.

Five Insane Upgrades That You Should Never Do (and How to Do Them!)

Feeling a bit nutty? These five upgrades are a little risky and time-consuming--but if you're up for a challenge, you could end up with the coolest rig on the block.

Replace Your Laptop's CPU

Upgrading your laptop to a faster, more powerful processor can extend its life span and boost your productivity--but it isn't a project for the fainthearted. We show you how to do it.

How to Buy a Motherboard

Whether you're building a new PC or overhauling an old one, a new motherboard is the place to start. Here's our advice for choosing the right one.

What to Do When Windows Gets Really Messed Up

Even when Windows routinely gives you the Blue Screen of Death, all may not be lost. We'll show you how to restore both your data and your sanity.


Painless Backups to USB Drives

Low-cost USB drives make it easier than ever to back up your data and take it with you.

Replace Your CPU

A processor upgrade can breathe new life into your old PC.

Rules for PC World's Digital Focus Photo Contest

Hot Pic of the Week details, rules, and legal mumbo jumbo.