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Connect Your Tuner-Equipped PC to Your HDTV

Now that you're pulling down sweet, sweet over-the-air TV shows, let's get your computer hooked up for big-screen viewing.


Turn a PC Into a DVR, Install Software Without a DVD Drive

Add an OTA tuner to turn your PC into a DVR, install software from a disc without an optical drive.

Use an OTA Tuner to Turn Your PC into a TV and DVR

Good news, cord cutters! With an inexpensive tuner and Windows 7, you can view and record unlimited broadcast TV shows, without monthly fees.


How to Install a CPU Cooler

A properly installed CPU cooler is essential to a stable system. We show you how to install CPU coolers on AMD and Intel processors to maximize cooling performance.

New PC? Get Setup Help, Make Your Own Desktop Theme

Sign up for GeekBuddy to get inexpensive tech support, learn how to create your own customized desktop theme.

New Computer? Clear Out the Junkware

If your new system came with a bunch of software you don't want, it could be slowing things down. Here's how to get rid of it.

How To Get Windows 8 Features Now

You don't have to wait until next year to see what Windows 8 has to offer. Use these tricks to update your operating system's look and feel right now.

Benchmark Your Computer

Scruffy121234 asked the Desktops forum to recommend benchmarking software

PC Dies Before It Can Begin to Boot

When Kennyrosenyc turns on his PC, it dies before it even begins to boot. He asked the Windows forum for help

How Do I Reinstall Windows Without a Recovery Partition?

Ahmed needs to reinstall Windows, but his hard drive no longer has the necessary recovery partition

How to Organize Your PC Cables

Your PC's case is more than likely cluttered with cables. Check out our illustrated guide to minimizing cable clutter and making your desktop cleaner, cooler, and more stable.

How to Build a Powerhouse PC Worthy of Sandy Bridge Extreme Edition

If you're willing to pay for premium components, it's easier than ever to build a performance PC that can handle games, movies, and heavy-duty audio/video editing with ease. Just follow our expert's step-by-step guide to assembling the ultimate dream machine.

Beginner's Guide to Managing Mobile Movies

Are you wondering how to put your movie collection on your brand-new smartphone or tablet for some on-the-go video goodness? Read this collection of how-tos to find out how to rip your DVDs and Blu-ray movies, convert them in HandBrake, and sync your iTunes purchases.