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Is Windows malfunctioning, sluggish, or in need of some tweaking? These simple solutions will help you get the OS back into shape.

How To Fix Up Windows XP

Here are some Windows XP tips to keep things running smoothly.

How To Remove AutoCorrect Entries in Office

If you dislike the automatic "corrections" that Microsoft Office performs by default, follow these steps to disable them.

The Best $3.95 You Can Spend on Your Laptop

If you use your laptop as your primary PC, chances are good you've got USB cords sticking out at all kinds of weird, unflattering angles. This cheap gizmo can help.

How to Avoid Trouble on Public Computers and Wi-Fi

Reduce your exposure to malware and data theft by minimizing your use of public wireless networks and PCs.

How to Revert to iOS 4.3.3 From iOS 5 Beta 1

There's a reason it's called beta software. Contrary to popular belief, you can downgrade from iOS 5 beta. Here's how.


How to Install an SSD in Your Laptop

Laptops are ideal candidates for solid state drives: These drives are more rugged and shock resistant than standard hard drives, since they have no moving parts.


5 PC Upgrades Almost Everyone Does Wrong (and How to Do Them Right)

Upgrading your PC's hardware can be easy, but there's a right way and a wrong way to do each task. Here are five upgrades that most users do a half-baked job on, and tips to help your upgrade go flawlessly.

Must I Keep Windows.old?

When EddieS reinstalled Windows, he found all of his old files in a folder called C:\Windows.old. Can he delete it?

Can I Wirelessly Connect My PC to My HDTV?

Ernest Valdez, Jr. asked how he could wirelessly send a video signal from his computer to his HDTV


How To Update the 'Normal' Style in Microsoft Word

Here's how to customize your own default font and paragraph style in Microsoft Word.

How To Share a File With Another Computer at Home

Here's how to set up file sharing and fix connection problems in no time at all.

An Old Hard Drive and OS in a New PC

Terry Marshall asked if he could move his old hard drive, unchanged, to his new PC

How To Troubleshoot Network Outages

Numerous circumstances can cause your network to go dark. Follow these steps to fix it.

Surviving a PC Meltdown: Syncing With SugarSync, Restoring From Mozy

Learn how to secure your data in the cloud, restore it after a crash--and get YouTube to run on your new PC.