Don't-Miss Hardware Stories

How to Completely Erase a Hard Drive

These tips and tricks will help you destroy old data and make sure that your old drives are wiped clean.

Turn Your Phone Number into a Safe, Disposable Web Link

Free service offers an ingenious solution to the problem of sharing your phone number with strangers.

Use a Spare User Account to Troubleshoot Windows Problems

Having trouble with a built-in program like Internet Explorer? See if it works in another account!

Connect an Old Game Console to Your PC

Can your computer screen double as a TV monitor for aging game consoles? Possibly, but you probably won't be happy with the results.


Connect a Third Monitor to Your PC

What's better than running two monitors at a time? Running three, of course. It may require some extra hardware, but at least you have several easy options.

Decide if a Motherboard is Worth Replacing

Before you spend your time and money trying to resurrect an old PC, ask if it's not time to cut bait and invest in something new.

Create Newsletters and Flyers in a Flash with LetterPop

Tired of wrestling with Word just to put together a mix of text and graphics? Web service LetterPop makes it a drag-and-drop breeze.

Connect a Second Monitor to Your PC

A reader wants to know the hardware requirements for driving a second screen. They're lower than you might think.

The Blue Screen of Death Blues

Pcpchelp has been getting a lot of Blue Screens of Death lately. He asked the Windows forum for help.

Connect a PC to Your TV

It's possible, and easy if you have the right ports on both, but there are better ways to ferry video from the Internet and your PC to your TV.


Get a Free Book of Windows 7 Shortcuts

Ready to turn your keyboard into a power tool? This e-book offers a whopping 200 shortcuts for operating every aspect of Windows 7.

Make the Office 2007/2010 Toolbars More Familiar

Not a fan of the Ribbon? Free plug-in UBitMenu restores the "classic" Office menus, making it easier for you to transition to the new versions.

Turn Windows Aero into a Weather Monitor

Is your Windows UI purple? Brrr...must be cold outside! Freeware utility AeroWeather changes Windows' colors depending on the outside temperature.