Don't-Miss Hardware Stories

Fix Windows Picture and Fax Viewer--By Replacing It!

When one of Windows' own tools isn't behaving properly, give it the heave-ho. Here are some much better alternatives to Picture and Fax Viewer.

Windows Explorer Explained: Working with Files and Folders

Believe it or not, Microsoft has an expertly crafted help guide you can read online or print for easy reference.

Remove Old Versions of the Java Console from Firefox

While I can't say for certain that those Java leftovers are hurting Firefox performance, I know for certain they're not helping.

Improve Firefox Performance by Clearing the Downloads List

If Firefox is acting sluggish when you download files, try clearing the Download queue. It might just solve the problem.

Windows Explorer Explained: How to Show File Extensions

Although some Explorer views eliminate the need to reveal file extensions, the options is there if you want it.

Rename Setup Files So They're Easier to Figure Out Later

Developers tend to do a poor job naming their programs' setup files. Fortunately, you can rename them and they'll work just fine.

Windows Explorer Explained: Choosing a Replacement

Not happy with what Microsoft's file manager is bringing to the table? I hear you. Here are some vastly superior alternatives.

Windows Explorer Explained: Easier File Selection

A little-known Windows setting makes it much easier to select multiple files for copying, moving, deleting, etc.

Windows Explorer Explained: The Address Bar

What is that kooky thing? How does it work? And why is it called the Address Bar when what it actually shows is folder locations?

Windows Explorer Explained: Make it Smarter

By default, Windows 7 Explorer doesn't show you all your folders, which creates a lot of extra click-work for you. Here's how to correct that.

Windows Explorer Explained: Changing the Layout

The Windows 7 version of Explorer is both better and worse than its predecessors. Learn how to tweak the layout to better suit the way you work.

Windows Explorer Explained: Where to Find It

Now that you know what Windows Explorer does, find out where to find it--in any version of Windows!

Random Fixes: PC Reboots, Mailto Hassles, Tiny Icons

Deal with random PC reboots, choose your own default e-mail program, and quickly increase icon sizes.