Don't-Miss Hardware Stories

Windows Explorer Explained: Where to Find It

Now that you know what Windows Explorer does, find out where to find it--in any version of Windows!

Random Fixes: PC Reboots, Mailto Hassles, Tiny Icons

Deal with random PC reboots, choose your own default e-mail program, and quickly increase icon sizes.

Windows Explorer Explained: What is Windows Explorer?

You can't manage files or folders without it, yet many users don't know the first thing about Windows Explorer.

Fix a PC That Randomly Reboots

This can be a tough nut to crack, but in this user's case, mismatched RAM modules are the most likely culprit.

Wirelessly Transfer Photos from Your iPhone to Your PC

99-cent app WiFiPhoto makes it so easy to offload snapshots and screenshots from your iPhone, you'll never want to look at another sync cable.


Get Text-Message Reminders of Shows You Want to Watch

Tired of missing your favorite shows? If you don't have a DVR (or a walking-TV-guide spouse), let Remember To Watch notify you before showtime.

Resize Desktop Icons with Your Scroll Wheel

Forgetting messing around with hard-to-find Control Panel settings. If you're a Windows 7 user, it's incredibly easy to change icon size.

Find the 'Missing' Hotfix Link in the December, 2010, Issue

Sorry for the confusion, readers of the print edition! Here's the link that was accidentally left out of the Hassle-Free PC column.

Keep Your Hard Drive Defragmented with Defraggler 2.0

From the same folks who brought you CCleaner 3.0, this slick "defrag" utility beats Windows' own tool at every turn.

What's That Whirring Noise Inside My PC?

Jsf1973 asked the Laptops forum why his computer was making a very annoying whirring noise

Post Twitter Updates from the Firefox Address Bar

Ingenious Firefox plug-in TwitterBar makes tweeting as easy as typing in the address bar and clicking a button.

Eliminate Duplicate Files with Free Utility

It's called Fast Duplicate File Finder, and it does exactly what it promises: locates and, if you wish, deletes duplicate files.

Get 5GB of Free Cloud-Sync Storage from SugarSync

One of the Web's best folder-sync and -sharing services just made an offer you shouldn't refuse: free 5GB accounts.

Fix an XP System That Won't Recognize Flash Drives

A mucked-up Registry is the probable culprit for this annoying hassle. Fortunately, Microsoft has a one-click fix.

Get Classic Start Menu Pro for Free (Today Only)

Who says you can't get something for nothing? Today only, this $20 utility can be yours free of charge, no strings attached. (Well, there's one tiny one.)