Don't-Miss Hardware Stories

Turn Any Web Page Into Your Own Personal Asteroids Game

This is so clever, I can't believe no one thought of it before. Note to the developer: Can we get Space Invaders next?

Track Amazon Price Drops with Camelcamelcamel

No, I didn't make up that name. I did, however, add it to my list of must-bookmark sites for anyone who shops hard for great deals.

Download Your Facebook Photos, Posts, and More

Facebook is rolling out a cool new feature that lets you pull down everything you put up on the site--and then some.

Watch YouTube Videos in Windows Media Center

Free add-on MacroTube lets you browse, search, and view vids right from your couch. Not recommended for those with jobs and lives.

Subscribe to Your Favorite Web Sites with FeedMyInbox

It's kind of like Google Alerts for sites instead of search terms. And you can set up five feeds free of charge.

Raise Your Windows IQ: How to Share a Link, Part 3

It's practically bad etiquette to copy a really long Web link into an e-mail. Here's how to shorten them.

Clean the Crud From Your PC

Your PC will slow down over time. Here's how to clean it up without having to reinstall Windows or reformat your hard drive.

Raise Your Windows IQ: Add Web Shortcuts to the Desktop

Internet Explorer 9 famously lets you add Web favorites to your taskbar, but Windows has always had the option of adding them to the desktop.

Raise Your Windows IQ: How to Share a Link, Part 2

It's one thing to copy and paste a URL from your browser's address bar, but what about sharing a hyperlink that's embedded in some text? Here's how.

Raise Your WIndows IQ: Force Programs to Run Maximized

Tired of your favorite app launching in a smallish window rather than full-screen? A simple tweak of its shortcut settings will give you the 'big picture.'

Raise Your Windows IQ: How to Share a Link

If you're a novice user, you might not know the easiest way to share a Web page with friends and family. Here's how.

How to Ask for Tech Help

Whether you're writing to me or posting a problem in an online forum, make sure you know how to get the help you need.

Uninstall the Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Are you regretting your decision to install the IE9 beta? Don't sweat it: you can easily revert back to IE8.