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Last September, LinkedIn announced Signal, a new product that streams updates and news from your contacts.

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11 Free Microsoft Tools You're Overlooking

Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer are virtually synonymous with personal computing, but there are also many free tools from Microsoft that you may not be aware of.

How to Plan Now for Hybrid Cloud Management

How will the hybrid cloud fit into your future infrastructure? Here are three possible scenarios.

Google Date Range Filter Simplifies Search Results

Restricting your search to a specific date range can weed out unwanted results and save you a little unnecessary eye strain.

How to Make Your Small Business Paperless: A Success Story

How to Set Your Business Free from Paper: One Journey

How to Keep Local Access to Your Data During Cloud Outages

When the cloud goes down, where is your data? Here's how to balance the benefits of the cloud with the security of knowing your data is still at home on your machine.

Save Time in Gmail With Smart Queries

Google's mail service packs tons of search functions to help you find messages faster. Here's how to put them to work.

Six Tricks For Google Tasks

Gmail's built-in to-do list applet is a more powerful productivity booster than most people realize.

5 Things You Need to Know About Videoconferencing

Here's what you can do with the videoconferencing tools on the market now.