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How to Take Great Product Photos for Your Online Store

Make your product stand out in the online marketplace with excellent photos. Here are the basics for taking great, professional-looking photos without spending a fortune on equipment.

Five Ways to Mix Business and Personal Data on Your Smartphone

Many people use their personal smartphones to do work. Here are five ways to access your work and personal data without carrying two handsets.

Use Your Smartphone for Business Presentations

When you need to impress an audience, smartphones can serve some surprising purposes.

How to Prepare Your Business for Pinterest

Pinterest, a site that lets users share content they like, has taken off with millions of users. Here's how to optimize your site to be Pinterest-friendly.

Digital Signatures Let You Ditch That Old Fax Machine

E-signatures are easier than ever to make, thanks to Adobe Reader and other services. Best of all, you can say farewell to that dusty fax machine forever.

How to Move a Data Center Without Having a Heart Attack

Before the event, consider everything that can go wrong, make contingency plans, exploit opportunities to upgrade, and label everything.

How to Embed Tweets on Your Website or Blog

It's not hard to embed tweets on your site along with details about replies, retweets, and favorites.

How to Tie Your Social Media Accounts Together

Managing updates to all your social media sites can be a pain. Here's how to send messages to multiple services at once.

How to Protect Your Professional Reputation on Facebook Timeline

Facebook’s new Timeline feature offers both dangers and opportunities for your professional life.

Seven Ways to Use Google+ at Work

New features in Google+ can help customers find your business, and promise to improve your collaboration and productivity.

Practical Tips for Working Over the Holidays

Nobody wants to work when most people are on vacation, but if you run your own business you may have no choice.

Getting On Google+ as a Nonprofit

Google+ has created an entire community focused around nonprofits. Using these tools to get your organization onboard is easy.

How to Fight Irrelevance in the Digital Age

Even companies that created today's cutting-edge technology can suffer the fate of troubled brands like Kodak. These three points can keep your business from joining them.