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To Buy or To Build

AHScibbles asked the Desktops forum whether it’s better to buy or build a desktop PC

Clean the Crud From Your PC

Your PC will slow down over time. Here's how to clean it up without having to reinstall Windows or reformat your hard drive.

How to Make the Leap to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

When the VDI server maintains a virtual machine for every desktop user, a more PC-like experience results--but weigh your choices carefully before you start.

Moving Day: How to Protect Your Company During a Relocation

Moving dangers include theft and espionage, in addition to broken equipment and stubbed toes. Here's how to plan a company move that minimizes hassles and maximizes security.

12 Ways the Tech Industry Is Screwing You (and How to Fight Back)

Whether you seek out cutting-edge tech gear or keep to a strict budget, the tech industry has ways to nickel-and-dime you out of your hard-earned cash. Here’s how to fight back.


How to Record Streaming Audio

Want to revisit your favorite Internet-radio memories? Here’s how to record streaming audio on your PC.


Update the Firmware on Your HDTV, Camera, Smartphone, PC, and More

Software updates aren't just for PCs any more. Here's how to fix bugs and add new features to your existing hardware with a few easy patches.

How to Build Your Own PC, Part 3

In the final installment of our three-part series on building a PC from scratch, we show you how to install the hard drive, optical drive and the graphics card.

How to Build Your Own PC, Part 2

In part two of our three-part series on building your own computer, we show you how to install the computer's CPU and RAM.

Reader Q&A: Fix PC Clock, Troubleshoot XP Shutdown, Test Wi-Fi

Rick answers reader e-mail about a computer clock that's slightly off, a Windows XP system that won't shut down, and troubleshooting slow Wi-Fi connections.

How to Build Your Own PC, Part 1

In part one of our three-part series on building your own PC, we show you how to connect the power supply and insert the motherboard in your new computer.

The Perfect PC: Don’t Buy It, Build It

Whether you’ve budgeted $500 for a new machine or given yourself $1200 to spend, our editors show you how to create the best system for the money.

How to Share Printers on a Network

Sharing printers across a network distributes their cost as well as their functionality. Here's a quick network printing guide for small businesses.