Don't-Miss Desktop Stories

Make Money Selling Your Old Tech

Get paid to unload old gear instead of letting it languish in drawers and closets. Companies are willing to buy used electronics for reselling and recycling.

Install All Your Favorite Freeware in One Fell Swoop

Free tool Ninite lets you pick and choose the software you want, then installs it all automatically.


5 Amazing Windows UI Tweaks

Want to wow people with your PC? Here's how to spice up your tech life with widgets, wallpaper, and multitouch screens.

Save Serious Money With a Business Energy Audit

Whether for a business based at home or in an office highrise, plugging energy leaks can bring measurable savings.

How To Troubleshoot Your Home-Built PC

You’ve built your new PC, but something’s not right--and you don't have the luxury of a manufacturer's warranty or tech support line. Here’s how to fix problems with your do-it-yourself PC.

Don’t Open Your Power Supply

Don34 opened his PC’s power supply to clean it. Now it doesn’t work. He asked the Answer Line forum for help.

How to Connect a PC's Power Supply

In part 5, we show you how to connect the computer's power supply.


How to Configure an Ubuntu Linux Computer for Less Than $200

Here are step by step instructions for setting up an Ubuntu Linux computer with a 23-inch LCD monitor for under $200.

How to Pick the Right Desktop PC

Whether you choose a PC with a set configuration or customize your system with a vendor who builds it to order, we can help you find a desktop built the way you need it.

The Procrastinator's Guide to PC Maintenance

You want to keep your PC running smoothly, your apps updated, and your data safe--but you're lazy. Here's how to keep your PC healthy while expending the minimum amount of effort possible.

Build Your Own Bloomberg-Killer

The Bloomberg Terminal is too pricey for most small businesses, so make one yourself for under $1000.

How to Fix Anything

PCs, printers, smartphones, cameras, networks--your stuff will inevitably stop working. Here's how to troubleshoot and fix your most common tech issues.

How to Fix Your Family's PC Problems

Are you the first line of tech support for your friends and family? Here's everything you need to troubleshoot for the not so tech-savvy.