Don't-Miss Desktop Stories

Banish Seven Bad Tech Habits

Seven ways to improve your computing life by changing the way you use your computer.

How to Update Your BIOS

Updating your BIOS can cut boot times, fix compatibility issues, and improve overall performance--or brick your system if you do it wrong.

How a Virtualized Server Saved One Small Business

Moving an aging Windows 2000 server to a virtual machine keeps the company working smoothly while turbocharging the data center.

Disaster-Proof Your PC: Image Your Drive, Make a Backup Plan

Here's how to prepare for disaster by imaging your hard drive and setting up a data backup system.

Make Your New PC Hassle-Free

Follow these three steps to head off most computing problems before they have a chance.

Troubleshoot Windows Remotely Over the Net

Microsoft's Internet-based remote-access tools let you quickly fix Windows problems on far-away PCs. Here's how to use them.

Speed Up Everything

Is your PC dragging? Does your broadband network creep along at dial-up speeds? Do Web pages take forever to load on your smartphone? Don't wait! These fixes will get you back into the fast lane.

Practical Advice for Laptops and Desktops

Standby vs. hibernate mode, the wonders of uninterruptible power supplies, and the oft-ignored (and useful) Windows key.

Are You Neglecting Your Windows Key?

A tap of the Windows key takes you to the Start menu, where--in Vista and 7--you can start typing to dynamically search for apps, files, e-mail, and the like.


Inside the Atari 800

It's the 30th anniversary of this 8-bit PC classic. We celebrate the occasion as we always do, by tearing the product apart and showing you the pieces.

Virtualization Revs Up Small Business

How a new virtualization system turbocharged a Vancouver Volkswagen dealership.

Nonprofit Network Overhaul Assists Families of Ill Children

Memphis-based IT pros give Ronald McDonald House Charities an extreme-tech makeover.

Turn Your PC Into an Entertainment Center

You can use your Windows 7 or Vista PC to watch and record programs--just add a TV tuner. Also, create a music playlist.