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Windows 7 Look and Feel on a Vista or XP Machine

Windows 7 takes interface improvements seriously, with such innovations as Aero Snap, shake response, and a pinnable taskbar. Here's how to upgrade your Vista or XP system with those smart new features.


Get Windows 7 Performance on Your Current PC

Windows 7 promises quicker boot-ups, slick tools, and better looks. Here’s how to get the new OS's top features on your current Vista or XP PC without taking a chance on beta software or waiting for the final version of Windows 7 to arrive.


Windows 7: Five Unique Features

Is Windows 7 necessary? Yes, because some of its improved features simply aren't available for Vista or XP. Here are five reasons you'll eventually want to step up to Windows 7.


Windows 7 Features on a Vista or XP System

Windows 7 features like ISO image burning, Windows Search, and the great new Windows 7 Calculator are a big part of the new OS. Here's how you can get them--or features just as good--on your current Vista or XP system.


Make Remote Backups On the Cheap

Trade bandwidth with a friend or business so they host your backup and you host theirs.

Save Money While Controlling Multiple PCs

Depending on your needs, you can use fewer displays, input devices, or even PC systems, and still get the benefit of multiple computers.

Save Energy, Save Money

Keep your office hardware, desktop PCs, and laptop batteries running as efficiently as possible to cut ongoing energy costs.

The List: 57 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Your Tech Could Do!

Here are all 57 of the tips and tricks we've pulled together for PCs, laptops, smartphones, cameras, the Web and more.

57 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Your Tech Could Do!

We've worked long and hard to come up with the best tips and tricks for your PCs, smartphones, cameras, game controllers, music players, and the Web. Let's start with PC, laptop, and networking tips.

TiVo, Wii, and Xbox 360 Controllers: 8 Clever Tricks

Zip through your TiVo menus at warp speed, drive non-gaming devices with your Wii controller, and more.


Earth Day: 10 Steps For Greening an IT Department

In a down economy, going green is good for both the planet and your business. Here are 10 ways to make it happen.

'How to Build a PC,' the Interactive Geek Tech Video

Anyone can show you how to build a PC from scratch. We're going to let you pick your path through PC construction through the use of an interactive YouTube video!


Save Money On PC Hardware Upgrades

A few minutes of Web surfing can pay you back in real savings on components.