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Don't learn important IT lessons the hard way. With a well-planned pilot project, you can keep costs low with smarter buying decisions.

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PC World blogger Rick Broida reveals how to turn on a hidden Windows Vista feature, make your own ringtones, and change IE's default search engine.


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These hardware upgrades conserve costs while still making your PCs run better.

Fast Fixes for Common PC Problems

Struggling with dead components, a recalcitrant Windows, and uncooperative applications? Our easy hardware repairs, simple software remedies, and quick tweaks will put your PC in the pink.


Quick Fixes and Troubleshooting Tips From Hassle-Free PC

PC World blogger Rick Broida tells you how to troubleshoot PC performance, speed up your Internet access, open .docx files, and more.

Test Your PC With 10 (Mostly) Free Sites and Tools

Use these super testing tools to test and track practically everything about your PC--including its hard drive, Internet connections, and inside-the-case hardware.

Did I Just Damage My PC?

Cheyenne821 removed then reinserted one of a desktop PC's two RAM DDR sticks. Now the PC won't boot. Is the damage serious?

5 Easy Hacks for Your PC and Wi-Fi Network

Speed up your CPU and graphics card, add advanced features to your wireless router, boost your network's range, and tweak your PC's power consumption for extra efficiency.

Turn Any PC Into a Media Center

Looking to turn your computer into the ultimate home-entertainment device? Here's how to get a top-notch media experience out of the PC you already own.

Build a PC, Juice Up Your Laptop

Want to build your own PC? Steve Bass has some ideas for you. Plus, how to upgrade your old laptop or buy a new one.


How to Buy a Motherboard

Whether you're building a new PC or overhauling an old one, a new motherboard is the place to start. Here's our advice for choosing the right one.

How to Buy a Desktop PC

Buying a new computer is no small task. Making the right choice requires more than just knowing how fast a CPU you need or how big a hard drive you want--you need to have a good idea of how you'll use your new rig. Let PC World's experts break the details down for you.

Shift Any Version of Windows Into High Gear

Use the OS's own tools to maximize your PC's performance without spending a dime.