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How to Benchmark Your PC

Looking to maximize your PC's performance or troubleshoot a problem? First, you'll need to master the art of benchmarking.

Revert OS X Lion's Page Scrolling To the Old Direction

Mac OS X Lion reverses the direction that pages scroll when you roll your mouse wheel or gesture with your trackpad. Here's how to set it back to the old scrolling direction.

Make S'mores Inside Your Desktop PC

You can use your PC for gaming, video processing, and Web surfing. How about for cooking?

How To Troubleshoot Audio Problems with your PC

If your computer abruptly refuses to play sound, try the following simple steps in 5 minutes or less.


How To Roll Back a Bad Driver

Update your machine's driver in 4 minutes or less to keep your system current on bug fixes and support for new features.

Save Money on Back-to-School Desktops

If you're a student, there's no reason for you to pay full price.

The Bootable Maintenance Flash Drive

Fixing your friends' computers? Carry a bootable PC toolkit in your pocket.

Why Is My PC Slow?

Does your system seem sluggish? We look at some reasons why your desktop or laptop may have lost some of its pep, and offer some tips for helping it recover.

Migrate to a New PC Without Benefit of Monitor

Barrbender plans to migrate files to a new PC. One problem: He has only one monitor and therefore can’t run the two PC simultaneously.

Geek 101: Do You Need a Discrete Sound Card?

Curious about your audio options while checking out a new PC? The latest installment of Geek 101 is here to steer you in the right direction.


5 PC Upgrades Almost Everyone Does Wrong (and How to Do Them Right)

Upgrading your PC's hardware can be easy, but there's a right way and a wrong way to do each task. Here are five upgrades that most users do a half-baked job on, and tips to help your upgrade go flawlessly.

How to Keep Your Data in Sync Across Platforms and Devices

Keeping your contacts, calendars, and other data synced across all your mobile devices and PC platforms isn't as difficult as it seems.

Windows Home Server 2011: What It Is and How to Use It

Windows Home Server 2011 is here. Find out if it's right for you--and how to set it up.