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Roaddogg asked the Answer Line forum how to spread a single photo across two monitors as the desktop background (AKA the wallpaper)

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Calibrate your monitor to display colors accurately and to improve the look of photos, videos, and games.

How to Clean Your Laptop or Desktop LCD

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Soothe Your Sore Eyes With F.lux’s Time-Sensitive Lighting

This cross-platform utility automatically adjusts your display lighting based on the time of day.

Hardware Tips: USB Flex Adapter, HDMI Monitors

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Migrate to a New PC Without Benefit of Monitor

Barrbender plans to migrate files to a new PC. One problem: He has only one monitor and therefore can’t run the two PC simultaneously.

Make Multiple Monitors Work for You

Instead of using your extra monitor as a means of catching up on last night's episode of Family Guy, use it to be more productive.

Monitor Resolution Too High

Artman's laptop screen has a 1900 x 1200 resolution, which makes the text too small and hard to read. He asked the Windows forum for help.

Running Two Monitors

Maina Njuguna asked me what's required for a new desktop to run two monitors

How to Divorce Your Tech Vendor

Follow these 7 tips to protect your IT assets -- and essential company data -- from a service provider breakup gone bad.

Hardware Q&A: Connect PC to TV, Add a Monitor

Rick answers reader questions on connecting a PC to TV (and offers better alternatives) and hooking up additional monitors.

Get VIP Treatment When You Buy for Your Small Business

You could be missing out on preferred treatment and better deals when shopping for tech gear for your company. Here are some special deals that seven big retailers offer small businesses.

Recycling IT Assets Is Serious Business: How to Start

IT departments are learning to master the art of retiring hardware at the right time. Here's what to consider when recycling hardware your company no longer needs.