Don't-Miss Display Stories

Deliver Mobile Presentations With BlackBerry Presenter

New presentation tools announced at CES let sales workers flourish in ultralight fashion.

Last-Minute Gifts for IT Guys

Want to show a little appreciation for the geeks in your life? Here are eight easy gift ideas that are sure to please any nerd you know.

How to Buy a Monitor

Which monitor you need depends on the applications you use, the amount of desk space you have, and how much you want to spend.

Find and Fix Input Lag in Your HDTV or Monitor

Is your new HDTV slightly sluggish? Learn how to check your setup for input lag--and how to ensure that the next display you buy won't suffer from it.


Hardware Tips: New Use for an Old Laptop, and More

Turn a laptop into a second display, force a stubborn disc tray to open, and solve an iPhone sync problem.


Turn a Spare Laptop Into a Second Monitor

Oldie-but-goodie MaxiVista is back with a new version that supports Windows Vista and Windows 7. It totally rocks.

Three Tools to Boost Your Multi-Monitor Experience

The only thing better than using more than one monitor on your PC is using more than one monitor on your PC with these tools.

Effectively Lower Screen Resolution

Hans Spring wants a low screen resolution on his new, high-resolution LCD monitor


Hardware Tips: Find Lost Gear, Reduce Clutter, and More

SendMeHome helps reunite you with lost gear, a flush-mount USB hub cuts down on cable clutter, and VeryPC turns off your monitor for you.

Turn Off Your Monitor By Pressing a Hotkey

Here's a simple way to save electricity: Turn off your monitor whenever you get up from your desk.

Customize Your Windows Desktop

Learn how to reposition the taskbar, resize your icons, and save your desktop layout.


Save Money While Controlling Multiple PCs

Depending on your needs, you can use fewer displays, input devices, or even PC systems, and still get the benefit of multiple computers.

Save Energy, Save Money

Keep your office hardware, desktop PCs, and laptop batteries running as efficiently as possible to cut ongoing energy costs.