Don't-Miss Gadget Stories

How to Benchmark Your Android Device

Evaluating the performance of Android-based devices is serious business. We show you how to conduct testing in a way that produces consistent, repeatable results.


Save a Wet Gadget, Salvage a Laptop Hard Disk

The Bheestie Bag promises to dry out a wet phone, camera, or other gadget; plus, learn how to give an old laptop hard drive new life.

32 iPad Tips and Tricks

Master your new iPad with these quick tips and handy iOS shortcuts.


How to Install the Silk Browser on Any Android Device

Amazon's Silk browser precaches popular websites on Amazon servers in an attempt to speed up your Web browsing, and until recently it was exclusive to the Kindle Fire. Here's a guide to hacking it onto your rooted Android smartphone or tablet.


Android ROM Roundup

It's easy to install a custom operating system on your Android device, but which one is right for your needs? We install and test some of the most popular Android ROMs on the Web to help you find the one that's perfect for you.


How to Locate Your Unprotected Android Device

If you lose your Android smartphone and didn't proactively install a security or remote locator app, you can still find your missing phone by following our handy guide.


Add USB Charging Ports to Any AC Outlet

RCA's $20 gizmo adds a pair of powered USB ports to a wall socket, making it easier to charge your favorite devices.

How to Buy a Tablet

Tablets are everywhere today--and many more are on the way. We tell you what to consider, before you buy.

How to Install the Android Market on Your Kindle Fire

Want to try downloading and installing apps on your Kindle Fire aside from the ones that Amazon offers? Follow these steps to add Google's Android Market.


Geek Up Your Bike With Ethernet Cable Handlebar Grips

Show your geek pride and creativity by turning unused Ethernet cables into bicycle handlebar grips


How to Check Out E-Books From Your Local Library

Thousands of libraries across the U.S. can now loan e-books through Amazon. They can be delivered to your phone, iPad, Kindle or PC/Mac and are free with your library membership.


11 Tips to Ensure Great Smartphone Photography

A phone is designed to make calls, but for many people it's also their primary camera. Here are our tips on how to make phone photos look great.


How We Test Tablets

Have you ever wondered which tablet is right for you? We test them all in the same way to help you figure it out. Here's a basic rundown of PCWorld Labs' tablet testing process.