Don't-Miss Gadget Stories

How-To: Use Your iPhone as a Wireless Laptop Modem

The next time you’re stranded without an open WiFi network (but your 3G signal is going strong), you’ll be glad you installed Addition’s iPhoneModem 2 (free to try, full license is $9.99).

Find Yourself on Google Latitude Without GPS (or a Phone)

With just a Wi-Fi network, your laptop can sense its location in Google Latitude and Google Maps.

Hack: How to Play DVD Movies on Your Nintendo Wii

How to play DVD movies on your Nintendo Wii using the Homebrew Channel. No warranty voiding mod-chip required.


How to Unlock your iPhone 3G

The Dev Team has put out "yellowsn0w," the first official unlocking utility for iPhone 3Gs. Freeing yourself from AT&Ts shackles is but a few button-presses away. Here's how you do it!

How to Spruce Up Your Home Videos

Quick tips that show you how to edit together clips from your home videos.


The Audiophile's Guide to Streaming Music

Don't sacrifice sound quality in the name of convenience. With a lossless codec, a well-optimized streaming setup, and a few easy tricks, you can push phenomenal audio to every room in your house.


Put an End to Cell Phone Spam

Stop spammers from hassling you by keeping unwanted text messages, e-mail, and voice calls from reaching your mobile phone.


How Do I Back Up a Pre-USB PC?

Edward Zolotarevsky still uses an old PC without USB ports. How should he back up the hard drive?

Unlock Advanced Features on Your Canon Digital Camera

With this simple, free software hack, you can add RAW support, histograms, burst mode, and other high-end features to even a low-end Canon camera.


Six Hacks For Your Mobile Gear

Unlock your iPhone, supercharge your camera, and take your TiVo shows on the road for free. These six hacks unleash the hidden power in your mobile gadgets.


Give Your Chats a Personal Touch With Free Videoconferencing

Video chat is finally becoming more than just a nerdy novelty. Here's how to get some face time with your family, friends, colleagues, and customers--with or without a PC.

Essential Gear for the Business Traveler, Part 1

Traveling lightly is a must these days, but Jim Martin found two gadgets worthy of a spot in the carry-on.

9 Cool (and Useful) Mods for iPods and iTunes

Overhaul your iPod so it can support more file formats, contain souped-up menus, display Wikipedia information, and more. And do it all without spending a dime at the Apple store!